Frockery Talk

  • Check these out!

    December 2, 2011

    We just couldn’t wait to feature this fabulous dogtooth check cape which arrived yesterday, probably straight from Miss Marple’s wardrobe! In warm autumnal shades of brown, tan and cream wool with a Peter Pan collar and double breasted styling, it’s a smart and versatile choice for the girl about town or country. Coming soon to the catalogue, price £38.

    Miss Marple dogtooth check cape

    For discerning retrophile gentlemen, this vintage Burton’s tweed dogtooth check overcoat will also be coming to the catalogue soon. Size 40R (generous), price £40.

    Men's vintage dogtooth check wool overcoat

    Returning to Miss Marple, this retro brown dogtooth check wool skirt has also just arrived. Fully lined with twin inverted pleats front and back, it is a stylish classic which is sure to be a wardrobe staple throughout the autumn and winter months. Size UK12, price £14.

    Retro brown check wool skirt

    Why not check out these lovelies as well?

    Black and white dogtooth check secretary dress

    dogtooth secretary dress

    Knitted check wool skirt

    brown check knitted wool skirt

     Vintage blue grey check coat

    vintage blue grey check coat

    And don't forget: Frockery shopping means you'll be sure to keep your bank balance in check! Why buy new when it's more fashionable, frugal and eco-friendly to go retro?

  • Funk Fair date for The Frockery

    November 24, 2011

    The Funk Fair is coming to Dundee on Sunday 4th December and the frockers are looking forward to taking part in what promises to be a fabulous event.

    We'll be bringing a selection of vintage, retro, upcycled and preloved frockery, from cosy knitwear and faux fur to glam and glitzy party wear, so do come along and enjoy a Sunday afternoon of Christmas shopping.  And don't forget to say hello!

    funk fair dundee

  • Not socks again, Santa!

    November 19, 2011

    Christmas is coming and we all know that socks and slippers make practical but predictable presents for the man (or men) in your life. Instead, why not treat him (or them) to something a little more thoughtful with a sartorial flavour and vintage twist?

    Naturally we have a few suggestions from our Menswear department...

    Vintage navy silk bow tie

    vintage navy silk bow tie

    Gentleman's vintage grooming set in zipped cowhide leather case

    men's vintage grooming kit in leather case

    Hico vintage gold mod style scarf

    Hico vintage gold mod scarf

    Retro paisley print dressing gown

    men's retro paisley print dressing gown

    Vintage Irish lawn handkerchiefs

    men's vintage Irish lawn handkerchiefs

    Of course it just wouldn't be Christmas without the traditional Christmas jumper!

     Bottle green snowflake pattern jumper

    men's green snowflake jumper

  • Get set for St Andrew's Day with tartan frockery!

    November 15, 2011

    In anticipation of St Andrew's Day on 30th November, we thought we'd showcase a few pieces of our tartan frockery.

    You'll find lots more Celtic-themed clobber in our Scots Frockery department, so do take a wee gander! We also have a couple of black Argyll kilt jackets in stock  which aren't yet on the website - please drop us an email if you are interested.

    Toilichte là a'naomh Anndra agad (Happy St Andrew's Day) when it comes, and Slàinte mhòr (Good health) to you all!

    Short tartan prom dress

    short tartan prom dress

    Vintage mohair red plaid gilet

    tartan mohair gilet

    Vintage tartan mohair cape

    tartan mohair cape

    Short wool kilt

    short tartan kilt

    Dress Gordon tartan mohair stole

    tartan mohair stole

    Red tartan silk bow tie

    Red tartan horse brass scarf

    tartan scarf

  • Waste not want not, fill bellies not bins

    November 7, 2011

    Christmas may come but once a year, but the run-up to the so-called season of goodwill seems to go on forever.  We make a point of ignoring the subject until the clocks change, after which there seems to be no avoiding it as the shops fill with festive related food, frockery and gifts guaranteed to tempt even the most Scrooge like into spending, and consequently wasting, too much.

    As our regular readers are aware, we are confirmed frugalistas, preferring to live life in the slow lane generally, and the slow fashion lane in particular. We love to cook meals from scratch and hate waste, which means leftovers are nearly always recycled into a new dish and surplus is shared among friends, neighbours and sometimes the local ducks! Similarly, our wardrobe is full of vintage, second hand, recycled and home made clothes, with any outgrowns being donated to charity shops or recycled in textile banks.

    Yet the pressure on even the greenest of meanies to overspend and over consume rears its ugly head every year without fail and is a very persuasive force, judging by the heaving high streets and astronomical levels of spending in supermarkets. Collective insanity seems to prevail pre-Christmas and drives a spending frenzy that is inevitably regretted in the new year as the credit card bills roll in.

    It was therefore heartening to hear about the food waste busting mission of one of our newest Twitter followers, @Feeding5K. On 18th November 2011, they will be living up to their name and feeding 5000 people in London's Trafalgar Square on food that would otherwise have been wasted. "Fill Bellies, Not Bins" is their motto and you can sign a pledge to reduce your food waste on their website.

    free lunch

    Then on 26th November it's Buy Nothing Day 2011, which challenges us all to switch off from shopping for one day as an antidote to the toxicity of rampant consumerism.

    buy nothing day 2011

    Buy Nothing Day proponents maintain, like us, that it’s not shopping in itself that is harmful, but what we buy. They remind us all that:

    "Only 20% of the world population are consuming over 80% of the earth’s natural resources, causing a disproportionate level of environmental damage and unfair distribution of wealth. As consumers, we should question the products we buy and the companies who produce them.

    The idea is to make people stop and think about what and how much they buy affects the environment and developing countries. Increasingly large companies use labour in developing countries to produce goods because its cheap and there aren’t the systems to protect workers like there are in the west."

     So let's bear these sentiments in mind in this coming season of goodwill: waste not want not, fill bellies not bins, and moderation in all things (although we may just make a small exception for red wine!)

  • It's a jungle out there

    November 7, 2011

    Wild about animals? Fancy some feline? Here is a wee selection of our animal inspired frockery to get your claws into, so why not roar along to our shop and make a killing?

    Morgan de Toi feline trim cardigan

    feline trim cardigan

    Top Shop pony hair zebra belt

    pony hair zebra belt

    Body hugging feline print tunic dress

    John Zack feline print tunic dress

    Retro animal print apron

    retro animal print apron

    Already gone! This stunning designer silk scarf depicting giraffes has just been sold to one of our lovely customers who can't decide whether to wear it or frame it!

    giraffe designer silk scarf