Frockery Talk

  • So boho!

    February 15, 2012

    As regular readers will know, we have a section in our shop dedicated to boho festival frockery. As we have previously blogged, its popularity never seems to wane and we always like to maintain a good selection of boho style clothing and accessories in stock. So if you want to go boho, you need look no further than our current catalogue.

    Maroon boho festival dress

    maroon boho festival dress

    Boho embroidered linen top

    boho embroidered linen top

    Boho maxi kaftan dress

    boho maxi kaftan dressBoho silver grey velvet top

    boho grey velvet top

    Boho festival ethnic dress

    boho festival ethnic dress

    Boho leather clogs

    boho leather clogs

    Boho distressed denim jacket

    boho distressed denim jacket

  • Are you ready to frock?

    February 1, 2012

    No, you didn't miss our earlier announcement of the Frockery's Eco-Fashion Challenge 2012 which starts today and runs throughout February, it's just that January ran out faster than anticipated. Our best excuse is that we are dedicated followers of slow fashion!

    Our inaugural challenge was held last year as a fun way of combating the snowdrift blues and was a great success, so we decided to make it an annual event. We have, however, simplified the rules this year to make it easier to take part. So do come and join us in our 2012 February frock-up!

    Frockery February Eco-Fashion Challenge 2012

    In celebration of hand made, vintage, retro and recycled, we are once again encouraging friends, fans and followers to take part in our February eco-fashion challenge during the shortest, darkest and most depressingly bill-filled month of the year.

    The rules are simple

    Most of your clothing should be hand made, vintage, recycled or second hand during February and you should post your pictures, outfit descriptions, sources and costs on the Frockery Facebook page over the course of the month (as many or as few as you like!)

    If you don't 'do' Facebook, you can post your entries here on our blog or email them to us directly and we will post them for you.

    Pics mean prizes

    Frockery vouchers (£100 for the winner and £50 for the runner up) will go to the posters of the most stylish and creative eco-fashionable ensembles at the end of the month.

    So come on everybody, let's frock!

  • Hearts and flowers

    January 31, 2012

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, this cute Top Shop heart print mini dress is looking for an appreciative new home.

    top shop heart print dress

    Or why not say it with flowers in this Miss Selfridge peach shift dress with a big bouquet of roses on the front?

    roses print shift dress

  • Feminine frockery from Diane Freis

    January 29, 2012

    Diane Freis studied fine art at UCLA in her native of California before turning her talents to fashion design in the mid 1970s, attracting the interest and patronage of numerous Hollywood celebrities, including Diana Ross, with her bespoke beaded jackets and vintage inspired creations.

    Relocating to Hong Kong in the late 70s, she had her distinctive and elaborate designs made up in luxurious fabrics by a skilful and meticulous local workforce. Her beautiful ultra feminine floral and geometric combination print dresses, mainly in georgette but also in silk, quickly proved popular and Freis progressed from owning a single Hong Kong boutique in 1978 to opening her own design, print and manufacturing facility in 1982, producing exclusive ranges of limited edition garments. By the mid 80s she had become a key player on the international fashion stage with celebrity endorsement for her high end bohemian creations.

    Freis’s designs remain essentially easy-to-wear, unashamedly forgiving and figure flattering, which is a boon for the less than perfectly formed amongst us! “Real women gain and lose weight and they do not always conform to magazine standards of beauty”, the designer has always insisted. Thank you for that, Diane!

    We are privileged to feature in our catalogue this stunning new arrival, a distinctive 80s georgette maxi dress with so many of the fabulous hallmarks of Diane Fries design.  In a mainly black and white print, accented with bright fuchsia, teal and yellow, it incorporates lots of romantic detail, including a crystal pleated frill around the neckline and trademark tasselled and beaded neck ties. The shoulders are accentuated with delicate crystal pleated frills and the natural waist is defined by a contrast fuchsia and teal shirred band for a comfortable fit. The skirt is in two complementary contrast prints: black and white to hip level, below which it becomes black and white with colourful leaves and is crystal pleated for added volume and fluidity.

    Buy it now for only £45 and prepare to turn heads!

    Diane Freis 80s dress

    diane freis 80s dress

    diane freis 80s dress

    80s vintage diane freis dress

  • Happy Australia Day with corks on!

    January 26, 2012

    We seem to be on an international roll, having celebrated both the Chinese New Year and Scotland's Burns Night this week, but it's not over yet!  Today we want to wish all our friends and customers from downunder a very happy Australia Day.

    Our own Australian of the Year is a  lovely lady called Ria who has become a Frockery friend and follower since making England her adopted home for the past few years. We fully expect tweets about (suitably weather proofed) barbecues, kangaroo steaks, pavlova and other traditional Aussie fare as the day goes on. You know that old old saying: you can take the girl out of Australia, but...

    We are still feeling stuffed after all that haggis and the Chinese banquet earlier in the week, so a few days of starvation rations are in order before we visit our local Aussie restaurant Roo's Leap, whose Australia-sized portions almost caused the chief frocker a wardrobe malfunction on her last visit. We'll settle for a few Australian lagers in the meantime.

    We must confess to being somewhat stumped when it comes to 'typical' Aussie fashion (apart from the obvious - see below), but Australia certainly scores highly in the style stakes, boasting several famous fashion ambassadors. Think Kylie, Cate, Kidman et al!

    While we regret that hats with corks are currently out of stock at the Frockery, this stylish Crocodile Dundee version is available from The Party Mill. G'day all!

    hat with corks

  • Chow mein gives way to haggis

    January 25, 2012

    The start of Chinese New Year has only just preceded Burns Night this year, so we are swiftly moving on from oodles of noodles to haggis with bashed neeps and tatties to celebrate the Bard's 253rd birthday. Now that's what we call a good innings!


    Burns Suppers are hosted all over Scotland and beyond on and around the 25th January. If you have never been to one, you are missing out on some wonderful entertainment, including the obligatory 'Address to a Haggis', the 'Immortal Memory' and 'To the Lassies' (with a response on behalf of said Lassies). There is frequently also a recitation of the marathon  Tam O'Shanter, traditional music and a fair few drams before singing  Auld Lang Syne and awaiting the carriages. Not forgetting, of course, the opportunity to dress up in all your finest tartan frockery for the occasion!

    tartan ball gown