Frockery Talk

  • Hot frockery for the Year of the Dragon

    January 24, 2012

    "Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!"

    The Chinese New Year celebrations kicked off yesterday and, if we are to believe the fabulous folklore, this coming Year of the Dragon will bring happiness and prosperity to all good and honest people.  We are all for that!  It is also the year for new ideas and innovative projects coming to successful fruition and we are all for that too!

    When it comes to dressing to impress, we are reminded that the Dragon loves splendour, magnificence, grandeur and finery, so be sure to wear some luxurious fabrics and vibrant colours. This green and gold reversible satin robe fits the Dragon bill nicely!

    dragon oriental satin robe

    Here are some more examples from our collection of Chinese frockery which should please the most discerning of Dragons. And a happy Chinese New Year to you all!

    Chinese reversible cherry blossom jacket

    chinese reversible red jacket

    Chinese black satin dress

    Chinese satin dress

    Turquoise padded Chinese jacket

    turquoise padded Chinese jacket

    Black embroidered Chinese  jacket

    black Chinese embroidered jacketChinese red satin skirt

    chinese red satin skirtChinese silk wrap top

    Chinese silk wrap top

    Black Chinese jacket with butterflies

    black chinese jacket with butterfliesChinese style wine blouse

    chinese wine blouse

  • Juicy Future

    January 24, 2012

    We were at first unsure as to whether the incursion of orange and tangerine into high street stores and fashion websites was a figment of our own over-orange imagination.

    But sure enough, the diagnosis was confirmed by the aptly named Amber, who provided the evidence on her Fashion Police blog in full glorious (depending on your point of view)  technicolour.

    So it's official: the future's orange and distinctly juicy.

    With that in mind, we thought we would flaunt a selection of our own finest orange frockery which we hope you will find 'a-peeling'.

    Top Shop burnt orange cord jacket

    burnt orange cord jacket

    Vintage orange maxi kaftan coat

    vintage orange kaftan coatTangerine print smock top

    tangerine print smock top

    Vintage orange maxi dress

    vintage orange maxi dress

    Burnt orange leather coat

    orange leather coat

    Tangerine tank top

    tangerine tank top

    Finally, one that recently got away: Vibrant vintage orange print maxi dress.

    vintage orange print maxi dress

  • Why look good when you can look fabulous?

    January 21, 2012

    Model: Juuli Vaajaniemi  Hair and Make Up: SC MakeUp Artistry  Photography: Oliver Schneider  

    Vintage ivory silk beaded two piece (originally worn by a London model in the 60s) provided by The Frockery

    The Frockers are delighted to announce a new and exciting collaboration with Sandra Cormack of SC MakeUp Artistry and colleagues to offer vintage style makeover packages at affordable rates in our local Tayside area (and beyond by arrangement).

    Having worked with Sandra for some time providing authentic vintage pieces for professional photo shoots throughout Scotland, we realised there were many ladies out there who might appreciate their very own vintage inspired styling session to include hair, make up, clothes and accessories, as well as a photographic record of their new look. So whether you want to release your inner Marilyn or unleash your Joan Collins, we can help!

    Why look good when you can look fabulous? 

    Our wee vintage adventure will launch informally at the St Andrews vintage fair on 3rd March 2012, when Sandra and colleague Anna Pillans from Hair at Home will be on hand to create wonderful vintage hair and make up looks with frockery provided by ourselves and photography by the talented Gillian Gamble.

    To whet your appetite, here is the beautiful Juuli once again modelling one of the Frockery's 1940s little black dresses, hair and make up by Sandra Cormack, photographed by Oliver Schneider.

  • Sounds of the 70s

    January 7, 2012

    We should be processing the latest frockery arrivals today as we got a bit behind over the festive season and, thanks to new year consignments, the stock room is full to overflowing with frockery in need of cataloguing. However, we just had to take some time out to gush with enthusiasm over last night's / this morning's  Triple A* showing on BBC4 of the Old Grey Whistle Test: 70s Gold, Top of the Pops: The Story of 1977 and Top of the Pops 1977: Big Hits from the 70s.

    To say we were riveted is an understatement as we were transported straight back to our own youth by star performances from an era which encompassed the most incredibly diverse range of music (and fashion). Social media buzzed for hours with comments and reminiscences as nostalgia took firm hold of those of us who were there the first time around, while younger music aficionados also shared their appreciation (or otherwise!) of the featured acts. Even our local MP tweeted enthusiastically about musical "gems" from his youth as a Ramones and Clash fan, and to see Dr Feelgood trending on Twitter was, in the words of Whispering Bob Harris, "very cool".

    We frockers were blown away by the awesome performances of Johnny Winter, Captain Beefheart and Frankie Miller in particular, but there were just so many brilliant examples of 70s musical supremacy crammed into a few short hours it would be impossible to mention them all. Catch them on the iplayer if you can, but meanwhile here's Johnny!

    We had in fact tuned in to watch John Otway, whose career (with its many lows and occasional highs) we have followed since the mid 70s. A spectacular and painful mishap with an amp on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1977 resulted in his instant propulsion from dustman to stardustman with Cor Baby! That's Really Free. However, despite his best (and worst) efforts, he remained a One Hit Wonder until 2002, when he finally achieved a No 9 chart hit with Bunsen Burner with a lot of help from his fans.

    Our chief frocker was a member of Otway's Hit Squad, sang in the Abbey Road choir which contributed to the B side (House of the Rising Sun) and had a front row seat at the Palladium on the night  BB's chart position was confirmed on stage by Johnnie Walker. Some might say it was a bit of a risk booking such a prestigious venue before even recording the Hit, but Otway is probably the least risk averse person/prat we know, and  it worked out on that occasion. (Just don't mention the World Tour). Later this year, Otway the Movie is to be premiered at the Odeon in Leicester Square to celebrate his 60th birthday and we feel sure it will be a success, again with a lot of help from his fans both old and new!

    But back to the excellence of BBC4's offerings:

    Old Grey Whistle Test: 70s Gold  included archive performances from a myriad of stars, including  Elton John, David Bowie, Captain Beefheart, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Curtis Mayfield, New York Dolls, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Brinsley Schwarz, Gil Scott Heron, Blondie, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Jam, Talking Heads, Iggy Pop, Cher and Greg Allman, Argent, Steppenwolf, Lindisfarne, Dr Feelgood and Johnny Winter. Just wow!

    Top of the Pops: The Story of 1977  featured our own Mr Otway with Wild Willy Barrett in the Queen's silver jubilee year which saw punk and New Wave blast on to the music scene. We were treated to the Stranglers and the Jam alongside Donna Summer's disco,  Bob Marley's reggae and pub rock greats like Eddie and the Hot Rods who remain one of our favourite still-touring bands. The programme also featured interviews with musicians and insiders who lifted the lid on the making of TOTP back in the day.

    Top of the Pops 1977: Big Hits highlighted the show's 1977  output with performances by Rod Stewart, the Jacksons, Queen, the Stranglers, Brotherhood of Man, David Bowie, Bob Marley, Baccara, Heatwave and Elvis Costello. Rod Stewart's shoes raised a laugh in the frocker household, but prize for most ridiculous outfits had to go to the members of Heatwave whose rendition of Boogie Nights was especially energetic and hilarious.

    We are now fully expecting a run on 70s vintage fashion (well, maybe not Johnny Winteresque sleeves!), if only as a means of helping to banish the winter blues. Nobody can deny it raises the collective spirits to see grown men and women dressed like Christmas trees, masquerading as extras from Star Trek, or held together with safety pins, but the era encompassed a wide spectrum of styles, not all of which were garish or overly outrageous - and the music was out of this world. Yes, even Boney M (talking of Christmas trees!)

    Maybe we are showing our age, but we have to say that today's reality 'talent' shows and so-called celebrities look and sound stale and sameish by comparison, with the exception, in our opinion, of Amy Winehouse, whose life was cut so tragically short in 2011. Simon Cowell et al have a lot to answer for as manufactured bands crowd out the grass roots talent, most of which is probably playing in a local live music venue near you, but which has neither the PR budget (nor probably the desire) to compete on such a cynically skewed playing field.

  • Frockery Sale!

    December 28, 2011

     Just enter code FROCK-20 at the checkout and we'll rock you 20% off all Frockery orders until 31st December 2011!  

    Thereafter, use code JANSALE-15 for 15% off throughout January 2012!

  • So here it is, Merry Christmas!

    December 16, 2011

    This time of year brings back memories of the Frockers' youth when glam rock was at its peak.

    Given that Slade, Wizzard and the Pogues are still giving the latest manufactured bands a serious run for their money in the charts, we were going to blog the Bowie, celebrate the Slade (and the Sweet) and turn on to T Rex.

    But then the inimitable Lady Starduzt went and beat us to it and we absolutely share her sentiments.

    "The fact that these songs have kept their popularity for the best part of 40 years shows that each and every generation are appreciating the halycon days of glitz and glam but this year there has been a noticeable increase in popularity."

    As if we needed convincing: So here it is, Merry Christmas!

    P.S. Don't forget the boob tubes.