Frockery Talk

  • Time out

    August 8, 2014

    on the road

     The chief frocker is taking some time out next week to enjoy her first tango in Halifax and a flying visit to Liverpool. Come Monday morning, she'll be firing up the frockmobile and heading for the M6.

    Although Danny Frocker will be holding the Frockery fort, his picking and packing skills are not yet perfected, so customers are advised that all orders received on Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th August will be despatched on Thursday 14th August. 


  • Rewind to the 80s

    July 20, 2014

    Mary Poppins vintage luggage

    Mary Poppins vintage luggage helped the moving medicine go down

    This blog post is coming to you via new servers as our landlords moved us without warning on Friday from our previous home, which was apparently showing signs of imminent subsidence!  We suffered some unplanned downtime as our hosts undertook the removal and installed us in our new virtual premises. We had to have our mail redirected, but we seem to have survived the transition relatively unscathed, save for the sheer stress of it all. Those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter will have realised we hadn't just vanished without trace ( we have been paying the rent on time, honest!), and we can only apologise to anyone who was inconvenienced by bouncing mail or 'not found' notices.

    rewind scotland

    Anyway, we had been planning to write a bit about the Rewind Festival this weekend, but having been distracted by all of the above, we will just sum it up by saying that the rain has failed to dampen the enthusiasm of thousands of  80s revellers who have converged on Scone Palace in all their neon glory to enjoy a fantastic line up of performers.

    The Frockers meanwhile all arrived in Perth from different directions on Friday evening to enjoy a family curry as Kirstin Frocker is returning to London this weekend. Before she departed, she modelled this fab 80s tan leather pencil skirt topped with a reversible camel and cream coat. Our loss is Urban Outfitters' gain and we miss her lots!

    kirstin frocker

    By way of apology for our unscheduled disappearance, and in homage to all things new wave, we are offering 15% off everything in our 80s vintage frockery department until the end of July. Just use code REWIND-15 at the checkout and the discount will be applied. We don't have any shell suits in stock, but we have plenty of wearable 80s pieces to choose from that are bound to get you noticed, like this amazing electric blue leather jacket...

    80s new wave electric blue leather jacket

    80s statement black velvet dress with polka dot bow and bustle

    80s black velvet dress with polka dot bow and bustle

    Feminella metallic blouse

    80s metallic blouse

    80s black and gold shoes with comfy low heels

    80s black and gold shoes

    or 80s C&A high heels with bows

    Black leather 80s vintage heels with bows

    How about an 80s vintage Richards bold floral strapless dress?

    80s vintage Richards bold floral strapless dress

    New Wave white vinyl bag

    New Wave white vinyl bag

    or 80s glam silk sequinned evening top?

    80s vintage silk sequinned evening top

    Don't delay, fire up the Quattro and pick up your discount today!

  • Time for T and a bit of boho

    July 13, 2014

    King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent

    King Tut's Wah Wah Tent  (Image credit: T in the Park)

    It's T in the Park time again and the final fling for the festival at Balado which is moving to a new home next year. We have enjoyed watching some of it on TV as we have passed the age and stage of huge crowds mixed with mud! Lots of our customers are there, though, for one of the best weekends of the UK festival calendar.

    Since the weather is distinctly festival-like here - sunshine interspersed with downpours - we have been sporting summer festival frockery, minus the wellies, to get into the vicarious spirit!

    Later in the month we'll be heading to the Edinburgh Jazz Festival to celebrate a friend's birthday and are especially looking forward to seeing the fabulous Gerry Jablonski Band.

    Meanwhile, we are awaiting the arrival of K Frocker from London and F Frocker from Perth so that we can enjoy a family fest of our own over the next few days. The bunting is out, the fatted courgette has been killed. But what to wear?

    boho festival embroidered dress

     Boho festival embroidered dress

      boho festival patchwork halter neck dress

    Boho festival embellished halter neck dress

    Boho festival 70s style cardigan jacket

    Boho festival 70s style cardigan jacket 

    Joe Browns navy floral sun dress

    Joe Browns navy floral sun dress

    Dr Martens 14 eyelet AirWair boots

    Dr Martens AirWair boots 

  • This Old Thing: back to the future for fashion

    June 26, 2014

    this old thing dawn o'porter

    Dawn O'Porter  Image credit: Channel 4

    Being vintage aficionados for more years than we care to remember, and having worn 60s, 70s and 80s clothes with pride the first time around (when we were younger, thinner and rather more dedicated followers of fashion), it was disappointing to read some of the cutting reviews of the first episode of Channel 4's homage to vintage and second hand fashion, This Old Thing, presented by Dawn O'Porter.

    We would say that, wouldn't we? Nevertheless, we  find ourselves driven to disagree with the snooty put downs about the "predictability" of the show, the clothes, the presenter and the concept by mass media, which, one and all, depend on fast fashion corporations for advertising revenue in these straitened economic times. The "predictability" of vested interests, you could say.

    We are not ashamed to admit that we enjoyed the programme, tweeted enthusiastically about it along with some virtual vintage loving chums and saw our website traffic spike to 50% more than its daily average.  Although we didn't rate a mention (nor did we expect to as a micro mini vintage outfit in the sticks), we were happy to receive collateral crumbs of interest via the search engines from many new visitors, whose interest  in vintage had clearly been piqued by the programme.

    Wall to wall sport elsewhere probably had something to do with it, too, but far be it from us to criticise the "predictability" of fit blokes chasing a ball around a field, or hitting a smaller one back and forward over a net. Each to their own! Even if our Andy is defending his Wimbledon title, it won't get exciting until much later in the competition, so we'll stick to old frockery for now.

    We found Dawn's efforts to convert fast fashionistas into lovers of all things retro laudable, but the initial negative reactions of the young contemporary case studies was testament to the cult of disposability that now permeates our society. One wonders if these same people have a similar phobia of sleeping in hotel beds with their second hand mattresses and sheets. Have they not heard of washing machines or dry cleaners? Do they even possess a needle and thread, or know how to stop a ladder in the tights with a spot of clear nail varnish?

    While we're at it, why not mention the war? Back in the old days, without any mod cons, our mothers and grandmothers looked after their (relatively few) clothes to prolong their lifetime out of necessity and all had the skills to do so. Hell, even the chief frocker learned how to darn a sock and turn a heel on four pins (she kids you not!) at school in the early 70s before gratefully dropping domestic science (at which she did not excel) in favour of Latin. It is deeply concerning to see how the old values of thrift, make-do-and-mend and quality have since been supplanted by mass production of trashable fast fashion. We have written about this before - see Slow fashion: winning the race for hearts and minds?

    Even buying high end high street won't guarantee someone else won't turn up in the same frock, so if you want to be unique you really need to embrace the new / old paradigm and look back to the future! Shopping vintage and preloved, making and altering your own clothes and using your imagination to create an individual look that is not dictated by fast fashion brands is, frankly, a no brainer, so we old frockers welcome This Old Thing and will continue to value our own old things, look after them and wear them on a daily basis.

    We like to think we are part of the revolution that is second-handedly saving the planet (and the wallet) in style. As we keep banging on, why buy new when it's more fashionable, frugal and eco-friendly to go retro?

    Still doubtful? Here are a few of our 'old things' on a young and beautiful model. For more examples and inspiration, take a look at our Frockery Fashionistas section, and why not consider entering our next Eco Fashion Challenge?



    Photographer Oliver Schneider captured these stunning images of Juuli Vaajaniemi in some of our vintage frockery: a little black 40s cocktail dress (bought in a charity shop 10 years ago) and a 60s ivory silk sequinned two piece (pre-owned by a former model). Hair and make up by SC MakeUp Artistry,

  • Tangerine dreams

    June 21, 2014

    Fans of Dundee United FC, known fondly as the Tangerines, will no doubt be delighted to see myriad shades of orange dominate the high streets this season as their statement club colour roars past the pastels to score a winning goal as the latest fashion focus.

    We caught Lorraine Kelly, a die-hard DUFC fan, on the telly the other morning rocking and talking up all things tangerine, but we have to draw the line at this (not for the sensitive) in any colour. Borat has a lot to answer for.

    We have a few tangerine dreams in the Frockery catalogue which we think will tempt orange lovers everywhere. Team with black like the Dundee FC fans, or sport a full on citrus look to dazzle the opposition.

    Go on, give the orange a squeeze and juice up your wardrobe this summer!

    oscar de la renta shirt

    Oscar de la Renta tangerine shirt

    dolly dare orange jumper dress

    Dolly Dare orange jumper dress

    vintage burnt orange paisley dress

    Vintage burnt orange paisley pattern dress

    orange maxi kaftan coat

    Orange maxi kaftan coat

    orange crochet top

    Almost Famous orange crochet top

    orange mod shirt

    Woods & Gray orange mod style shirt

    vintage burnt orange mohair gilet

    70s vintage burnt orange mohair gilet


  • Upcycling inspiration at Tayside Re-Users

    June 20, 2014

    tayside reusers

    The chief frocker recently joined the board of Tayside Re-Users (formerly Tayside Recyclers) which is a registered charity and social enterprise based in a former Dundee jute mill. Founded in 1995, TR promotes re-use and recycling and offers employment, volunteering and training opportunities to people who wish to find a route back into work.

    The charity actively encourages and inspires people to find alternative uses for goods they might otherwise throw away. Collections of quality used household and office furniture, white goods, bric a brac, and all kinds of DIY goods are carried out daily, and the items are assessed, refurbished, cleaned and sold at The Emporium.

    As a Revolve approved organisation, customers can be confident that whatever they purchase at TR meets rigorous quality standards. Second hand does not mean second best and a quality item can last a lifetime, although it might sometimes need a bit of TLC to bring it back into circulation.

    revolve badge

    With imagination and creativity, unwanted items can be given a substantial second life. This not only benefits those looking for affordable goods of all descriptions, but also helps to improve the environment. What could be better than saving the planet as well as the wallet?  

    And remember, when it comes to textiles, you'll find the Frockery's Top 10 eco-fashion ‘RE’ action tips in our focus article, Landfill fashion: what a waste.

    Meanwhile, take a look at this beautiful upcycled work of art gifted to TR by Naomi D'Cruz, an art student at Dundee University's Duncan of Jordanstone college, who created a stunning chandelier out of old bike parts. It is currently on display in The Emporium and although it is not for sale, it will remain on view as an inspiring example what can be achieved by reusing and upcycling (literally!).

    upcycled chandelier

     Upcycled chandelier made from old bike parts by Naomi D'Cruz, currently on display at Tayside ReUsers