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  • Rain-mates

    October 10, 2014

    rain mate

    Image via Pinterest

    Who remembers the rain-mate, that handy little head topping accessory that the 1950s housewife could whip out of her handbag at the hint of a shower? Apparently more than a few of us harbour fond memories of these concertina-folding pieces of transparent plastic with attached ties, which seem to have been reinvented for the modern Miss/Mrs/Ms and are readily available on ebay and elsewhere. A casual online search even revealed a blogger called Jonathan with a penchant for posting about rain-mates, which, he noted, had brought him a whole lot of new visitors and comments courtesy of Google. We thought we'd try it, too...

    The last sighting of an authentic 50s rain-mate we had was in a vintage shopping bag bought at Dens Road Market in Dundee some years ago by the chief frocker's friend Fiona. It sparked a conversation with K Frocker - at the time an art student - about a rain-mate revival as we felt they could once again become popular, especially in our disproportionately damp climate. We even mused about possible customised designs for festivals and outdoor events, but it appears they never actually disappeared and have just been skulking around the internet waiting for customers who want to keep their heads dry as cheaply as possible. And people obviously do still buy them. But would you wear one (even for a dare)?

    rain-mate bad postcards

    Image credit: Bad Postcards

    Anyway, the rainy season is upon us again and it's always a challenge to stay stylish at the same time as getting drookit. Despite its vintage pedigree, we would have to draw the line at describing the rain-mate as stylish.

    When the heavens open, the chief frocker invariably reaches for her green waxed Barbour jacket and matching hat which manages to frustrate even the stair-rod sort of rain that is native to north east Scotland. If rather more stylish attire is called for, she usually opts for one of her collection of Burberry raincoats and a trusty brolly.

    If you are in need of some storm proof, watertight wear without a thunder and lightningly frightening price tag, then look no further as the Frockery is packed with macs, trenches and anoraks that won't damp anyone's style. Unlike the rain-mate...

    oprions austin reed trench coat

    Options at Austin Reed classic trench coat

    Barbour quilted jacket

    Men's Barbour sportsquilt casual jacket 

    aqua retro raincoat

     Aqua retro raincoat

    burberrys beige raincoat mac

    Classic Burberrys beige raincoat

    Vintage red mod mac

    Vintage red mod mac

    men's burberry beige casual jacket

    Men's Burberry beige casual zip front jacket

  • Stand Up To Cancer with M&Co

    October 5, 2014

    stand up to cancer logo

    We recently added this pretty M&Co dress to the catalogue. In a lovely blue and white retro print, with cute keyhole neckline detail and cap sleeves, it will take you anywhere, it's oh so comfortable to wear and very easy to care for.

    m and co dress  m and co dress 2

    We can vouch for its versatility as Fi Frocker has the same dress in a different size, which has enjoyed regular work and play outings over the summer and elicited many a compliment.

    fi mandco

    Last week we were pleased to hear from a representative of M&Co, who drew our attention to the company's involvement with the Stand Up To Cancer campaign and asked if we might add a link to our product page. As some of our readers will know, we sadly lost a member of our team to cancer last year and we are therefore more than delighted to lend our support to this particular cause.

    "Brought to you by Cancer Research UK and Channel 4, Stand Up To Cancer is an annual fundraising campaign which culminates in a night of live TV. Help M&Co Stand Up To Cancer - by purchasing these pieces 100% of the sales go to Cancer Research UK."

    From shopping bags to T shirts, the proceeds from these campaign branded goods, which are all available from M&Co, will go towards helping to fight this terrible, cruel and indiscriminate disease.

     stand up to cancer t shirtstand up to cancer bagstand up to cancer brolly

    To support the campaign in our own small way, we will donate the proceeds from the sale of our favourite M&Co dress directly to Cancer Research UK.

    Fi Frocker says: "It's a gorgeous dress, what are you waiting for?"

    fi frocker m and co dress

  • Frockers' Highland fling

    September 28, 2014

    We'd just like to forewarn customers that all orders placed on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd October will be despatched at the latest on Friday 3rd October.

    The chief frocker is going AWOL again, leaving Danny Frocker in 'remote' charge of frocking operations while she heads north to Inverness for a Highland fling (and possibly a bit of a sword dance). Wearing a slightly different hat from her usual vintage tifter (such as this one modelled and selfie-snapped by Fi Frocker), she plans to leave the locals reeling!

    vintage hat

    We have meanwhile just completed a catalogue update with some tempting new pieces of frockery, but still have oodles of new stock waiting in the wardrobe wings to list on our return. We are replete with cashmere jumpers in every shade (including grey) and some stunning evening tops are shimmering patiently in the stock room, so prepare to be dazzled on our return!

    This vintage turquoise dress really took our fancy this weekend. Dressed up or down, it would make a colourful addition to the autumn wardrobe and be sure to brighten up the shorter, darker days ahead.

    turquoise vintage dress

    We're also wild about this leopard faux fur jacket which we teamed with an 80s tan leather skirt (snapped up before even making it into the catalogue).

    leopard faux fur jacket

    Never fear, we'll be back soon with lots more tempting treats. We may even send some Instagram postcards from Inverness (if we can master the technology!)

  • All Nighters and Northern Soul

    September 19, 2014

    The Scottish referendum turned into a bit of an all-nighter for much of the population. There were some bleary eyed folk making their way to work this morning, many of whom looked in need of matchsticks to keep their eyes open, but we confess to having fallen asleep much earlier than most and are still fully functioning frockers this Friday afternoon.

    Talking of staying up all night, a different sort of all-nighter enjoyed by a youthful Johnny Frocker at Wigan Casino in the 1970s (about which we have previously blogged) was undoubtedly a lot more riveting than waiting for referendum results and we are very much looking forward to the release of Northern Soul the film on 17 October.

    "This is a story of a youth culture that changed a generation and influenced songwriters, producers, DJs and designers for decades to come. This is the story of Northern Soul."

    "Northern Soul was phenomenally popular with British youths in the 1970s, taking the North of the country by storm. Northern Soul the film intends to appeal to those generations of fans while attracting a modern audience who can relate to youth culture from another era. If you were there, you’ll know. If you weren’t there, you’ll wish you had been."

    Specialist dance clubs were set up four years ago in Bolton and London to prepare 500 young people for participation in the film's energetic dance scenes and the Bolton club will remain open for business, continuing to offer the Northern Soul experience as a legacy to future generations.

    Judging by the original footage of scenes from Wigan Casino all-nighters, faithfully recreated by the film, Northern Soul will hopefully not only engage and invigorate the interest of today's young people in the 'scene', but will also bring back many happy memories for those of us who danced the night away in the 70s when our waist sizes were significantly smaller and our fashion sense distinctly dodgy!

  • The Scottish X Factor final

    September 18, 2014

    Forth Bridge

    Quite a few customers have noticed that we are based in Scotland (hey, we don't hide it!) so on the day of the Scottish X Factor popular 'vote', we may as well mention the R word.

    To the concerned customer who asked about ordering if there's a yes vote in the referendum, we can confirm we'll still be open for business in the usual currency on Friday!

    As a small family run business, whose customers are predominantly 'next door' in England, we obviously have to 'ca' canny' in times of uncertainty and will consider the best options for ourselves and our customers as things become clearer. Our crystal ball is still a bit hazy.

    We can, however,  assure you all that there will be no interruption to our service, whoever receives the most Xs in today's final. Although we many not harbour any grand aspirations for a Christmas No. 1, we certainly plan on continuing to rock and frock the vintage hit parade while  earning our customers' votes of confidence!


    rock n roll


  • 21 days, for frocks' sake

    September 8, 2014

     21 Days:  John Otway live in Lyme Regis (video credit: Stephen Greenslade)

    Just 21 days (but it's actually only 19 as we write). That's how long 88 year old Alex Graham has to save 7500 costumes from the Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe of which she is curator.

    A registered charity, the OFW is facing eviction from its present base on 27th September and is desperately seeking alternative hangar /  warehouse  space, or even a wind and watertight barn, to save the unique collection.

    An appeal via the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform - For Frocks' Sake: Save Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe - has been launched to raise the £7000 needed to avert the imminent accommodation crisis, but additional support in cash or kind is desperately needed to ensure the future of the collection.

    There is no time to waste, so here is Alex's story in her own words. Please share it widely, most especially with any Oxfordshire barn owners!

    For Frocks' Sake: Save Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe from TreePress on Vimeo.