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  • Frockers' Adventures in Weegieland

    November 18, 2014

    herald fashion awards finalist banner

    After milking our nomination for all it was worth as finalists in the Herald Fashion awards, Alison and Fi Frocker took themselves to Glasgow for the 'prize-giving' at the weekend. Having  chosen the Herald event over the Otway extravaganza that was taking place in Southend the same weekend - at which we had been offered the opportunity to sing backing vocals on the two-hit wonder's Christmas single - we were expecting  truly great things (and a much lesser hangover) by staying in Scotland.

    As it happened, our appearance had been touch and go as the frockmobile decided to play up after aquaplaning across Angus on Friday evening, but having received assistance from a knight of the road in the form of an AA patrol man (who should take a well deserved bow for exceptional service) we were soon back on track and arrived safely at our Glasgow hotel without major incident. We even had time for a wee wander down Sauchiehall Street, K Frocker's old stomping ground from her student days at Glasgow School of Art, before she deserted us for her absolutely fabulous buyer's job with an international fashion brand in London.

    Coinciding with the Christmas lights switch-on in George Square (as well as the star-studded BAFTAs), the taxi driver took us on grand tour of the city, due to closed roads, just to travel a mile or so. We therefore arrived fashionably late at the venue - the cavernous Arta, in the Merchant City - in anticipation of what had been described as a fabulous evening of fabulous fashion, fabulous canapés and fabulous everything else. It was undoubtedly an honour for us to be representing Angus in a veritable sea of central belt businesses, and, as the T shirt says, it had "gotta be better than Otway!"

    the frockers and friend

    The Frockers and a friend at the bar (where else?) [Image credit: The Herald]

    Fabulous frockery was certainly in abundance, and while we played it safe in our 80s Egon von Fürstenberg (Fi) and original vintage Blanes (Alison), there were some amazing outfits on display in a myriad of styles. Lynn from Herald Events looked especially sensational in her Nicci.N Boutique gown.


    Undoubtedly the most enjoyable aspect of the evening for us was meeting so many interesting people from the creative industries (maybe we don't get out enough). It was a particular pleasure to meet the talented Colleen Leitch, Scottish Graduate of the Year 2014, and her family, with whom we tussled for haggis balls and battered prawns as one member of the party looked on in patient anticipation of his gluten free equivalent (which eventually arrived, but it took rather too long).

    The main part of the evening was hosted by Scottish supermodel Eunice Olumide, who presided over a short fashion show, a pecha kucha slot on sustainable fashion (the business model on which the Frockery was founded in 2007, well before slow fashion became, er, 'fashionable') and, finally, the awards ceremony itself. Details of the winners can be found here and we were especially delighted to see Scot Street Style (who is never lost for words!) scoop best fashion Twitterati.

    We never expected to be short-listed for, never mind win, our category (preloved online retailer of the year) and congratulate Glasgow Vintage on their success. Despite one of our witty Twitter followers calling for a recount (with his tongue firmly in his cheek!), we can assure him and everyone else that the accolades we value most of all are those from our long standing, loyal customers across the UK and beyond. Their support has been especially important to us over this past year, which has been one of deep sadness for the frocker family and exceptionally challenging for our wee business. Things will never again be the same for us after the loss of the inimitable and irreplaceable Johnny Frocker, who could spot an Ossie Clark at 50 yards and who always kept us grounded as well as solvent. We miss you, Johnny!

    Apparently, the Otway Convention went well too, and our good friend Deadly the Roadie tweets us that he managed to avoid the 'back of the pantomime reindeer' role for which he (and his truly amazing legs) had been talent spotted! Otway for Christmas No 1, we say - but we know that, just like us, he won't be disappointed if he doesn't quite crack the top slot!


  • 70s vintage frockery discount

    November 12, 2014

    Alison 70s

    The chief frocker revisits the 70s in a Susan Small dress with amazing sleeves

    Northern Soul the film, which we blogged about recently, has led to a surge of interest in 70s fashion. Abigail's Party has meanwhile stood the test of time and there is always demand for Beverly style hostess dresses and kipper ties!

    Being big fans of the era ourselves - having lived through it shamelessly  in brown and orange wallpaper prints,  Afghan coats, Levi's flares, loon jeans, love beads, long skirts and Laura Ashley - we thought it was time to run a special offer to celebrate the 70s.

    We are currently offering 15% off all items in our 70s vintage department, so why not add some Northern Soul or Abigail's Party style to your wardrobe? Please use code ABIGAIL -15 at the checkout to take advantage of this offer which ends 19/11/14.

  • Gym'll fix it? The zipper's progress

    November 10, 2014

    There are times when a frocker's gotta do what a frocker's gotta do in order to fit into her favourite vintage dress for the Herald Fashion Awards on Sunday. Did we mention The Frockery is a finalist in the best preloved online retailer category? Yes, of course we did! 

    Thankfully, our local Forfar Leisure Centre provides all the instruments of torture necessary to help achieve the goal of doing up the zip on the 5os cocktail number we have earmarked for the occasion, but time is running out...

    lochside leisure centre

    A little encouragement from Twitter friends never goes amiss!

    cross trainer twitter banterpauline twitter

    A combination of 30 mins on the treadmill, 20 mins on the cross trainer and 15 mins on the bike allegedly expended 550 calories this lunch time, while the banana only added about 100. So it was a pretty wrecked looking frocker sporting trainers and bad hair- rather than a well-coiffed #heraldfashion icon in heels - who dropped the day's orders off with Sara at Forfar post office this afternoon. It had better be worth it!

    Rather than undo all the gruelling  good work by indulging in our favourite Merlot this evening, we are limiting ourselves to a single G&T - The Botanist gin, of course, which was gifted by a friend from South Uist. Our Arabella looks as if she's had a few herself!

    botanist gin

    Here's hoping that the gym'll fix it for us to become fit for fashionable purpose in six days flat. We will report further on the  zipper's progress and, of course, the glitzy awards event at Arta in Glasgow, which we are looking forward to immensely. Please wish us luck!


  • The wonder of woollies

    October 21, 2014

    Hurricane Gonzalo may have lost most of its momentum on its way across the Pond, but we have been experiencing the sting in its tail in the form of high winds, driving rain and plummeting temperatures. We are just hoping to hang on to our slates until it passes.

    As one tweeter observed:

    "When you open the curtains in the morning and a seagull flies past backwards.... You can be fairly sure #Gonzalo has arrived!"

    Readers will be glad to know we've got a selection of warm woollies waiting to provide stylish service for the inclement weather between now and next spring. What's more, we can deliver them to you at 'speedy Gonzalo' hurricane rate! 

    We are big fans of traditional knits and here at Frockery HQ, we have taken to wearing Norwegian knits and Aran cardigans rather than turn on the heating. Call us mean, but we aim to stay stylishly so!

    Here are some of our newly arrived knitwear, mainly jumpers and cardigans but also a fabulous Rodier multicoloured skirt which is sure to lift anyone's spirits as we wave goodbye to summer time when the clocks change this weekend.

    pink icelandic jumper boyfriend sloiuch cardigan jacket

    Alloa Knitear brown patterned jumper brown and cream patterned cardigan jacket

    norwegian red and black jumper  rodier multicoloured knit skirt

    We have an extensive range of knitwear in the catalogue - something for everyone at highly affordable prices - so come on in out of the cold and we'll give you a  warm  frockery welcome!

  • Rain-mates

    October 10, 2014

    rain mate

    Image via Pinterest

    Who remembers the rain-mate, that handy little head topping accessory that the 1950s housewife could whip out of her handbag at the hint of a shower? Apparently more than a few of us harbour fond memories of these concertina-folding pieces of transparent plastic with attached ties, which seem to have been reinvented for the modern Miss/Mrs/Ms and are readily available on ebay and elsewhere. A casual online search even revealed a blogger called Jonathan with a penchant for posting about rain-mates, which, he noted, had brought him a whole lot of new visitors and comments courtesy of Google. We thought we'd try it, too...

    The last sighting of an authentic 50s rain-mate we had was in a vintage shopping bag bought at Dens Road Market in Dundee some years ago by the chief frocker's friend Fiona. It sparked a conversation with K Frocker - at the time an art student - about a rain-mate revival as we felt they could once again become popular, especially in our disproportionately damp climate. We even mused about possible customised designs for festivals and outdoor events, but it appears they never actually disappeared and have just been skulking around the internet waiting for customers who want to keep their heads dry as cheaply as possible. And people obviously do still buy them. But would you wear one (even for a dare)?

    rain-mate bad postcards

    Image credit: Bad Postcards

    Anyway, the rainy season is upon us again and it's always a challenge to stay stylish at the same time as getting drookit. Despite its vintage pedigree, we would have to draw the line at describing the rain-mate as stylish.

    When the heavens open, the chief frocker invariably reaches for her green waxed Barbour jacket and matching hat which manages to frustrate even the stair-rod sort of rain that is native to north east Scotland. If rather more stylish attire is called for, she usually opts for one of her collection of Burberry raincoats and a trusty brolly.

    If you are in need of some storm proof, watertight wear without a thunder and lightningly frightening price tag, then look no further as the Frockery is packed with macs, trenches and anoraks that won't damp anyone's style. Unlike the rain-mate...

    oprions austin reed trench coat

    Options at Austin Reed classic trench coat

    Barbour quilted jacket

    Men's Barbour sportsquilt casual jacket 

    aqua retro raincoat

     Aqua retro raincoat

    burberrys beige raincoat mac

    Classic Burberrys beige raincoat

    Vintage red mod mac

    Vintage red mod mac

    men's burberry beige casual jacket

    Men's Burberry beige casual zip front jacket

  • Get motoring for Goodwood

    September 7, 2014

    Dundee pin up shoot by Dylan Drummond

    Stacy Sturrock models a Horrockses vintage two piece sun suit with complementary accessories from the Frockery. Photography by Dylan Drummond ~ Hair & Make Up by Sandra Cormack

    It's that time of year again when we are receiving lots of enquiries and orders for vintage clothing and accessories suitable for the upcoming Goodwood Revival weekend. We are pleased to report that  we have once again kitted out both regular and new customers for this year's (sold out) extravaganza which runs from 12th to 14th September and we hope they all have a fabulous time revisiting the glory days of the iconic motor racing circuit.

    There's still time to order that last minute vintage (or vintage inspired if you aren't a purist!) dress, handbag, hat, gloves, shoes or other accessories  from our catalogue. We even have a handy Get the Look: Goodwood Revival section to make it easier:

    "The Goodwood Revival weekend is like taking a trip back in time, not only for motor sport enthusiasts but also for vintage fashion aficionados, as ladies and gents dress up in authentic period costume to reflect their own favourite Goodwood era from late 40s to mid 60s. Many of our customers are Revival regulars and we find our vintage frockery flies off the rails in anticipation of the extravaganza every September."

    If you see anything  that takes your fancy, we offer a speedy next day special delivery option to make sure your order reaches you in time. Our sold items are mounting up, though, so best get motoring!

    errol airfield vintage sports car