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  • We are the (one and only) Frockery®

    February 21, 2015

    trade mark

    Readers may remember our tale of woe as we walked the McNaughty walk back in November 2014 when we discovered that our long established Frockery brand was being passed off by another business in England.

    As we posted back then:

    "...one of our eagle eyed customers alerted us to the existence of a Facebook page (not ours) calling itself The Frockery. We also uncovered a history of trading under our business name at vintage fairs in England. We admit we were puzzled as we didn't think Facebook allowed brand duplication and we have long standing ownership of all the frockery domain names (from as far back as 2005) and social media accounts, having traded continuously as The Frockery™ since April 2007. A cursory Google search would have flagged up an inevitable plagiarism problem."

    In the end, the other business owner voluntarily changed her trading name when the infringement was brought to her attention and it became clear she simply hadn't done her research, but it was a stressful episode and one we never wanted to repeat.

    Deciding that we needed to ensure our brand was properly protected for the future, we took advice from specialist trade mark attorney, Eugene Pienaar, at Revomark and immediately started the formal process of trade marking the Frockery brand. Now these things take some considerable time, and there are various evidential hoops to jump, but we are beyond delighted to report that we have finally passed the finishing line and our trade mark registration is complete.

    So it's a relief all round that we are officially recognised as being unique and can more easily enforce our rights to the trade mark should anyone else decide to indulge in unauthorised freelance frockery.

    We are really going to enjoy adding that all important ® after our name. It cost us enough!


  • Frockery Eco-Fashion Challenge celebrates sustainable fashion

    January 28, 2015

    ready to frock

    Forfar-based business, The Frockery, is inviting entries for its fifth annual Eco-Fashion Challenge, which kicks off this Sunday and will run throughout February to help combat the winter blues, as well as raising awareness of the need to tackle textile waste, much of which ends up in landfill.

    Participants are once again being encouraged to “vaunt the vintage, rock the retro and celebrate the second hand, recycled and hand made” for 28 days, posting pictures and outfit descriptions to the Frockery Facebook Group, or on Twitter using the #frockerychallenge hashtag.

    Chief Frocker, Alison Preuss, explains: “Our inaugural challenge was held in 2011 as a creative way of combating the February blues while snowdrifts brought the country to a virtual standstill. It was such fun that we decided to turn it into an annual slow fashion event with a serious message.”

    Janice Stewart, owner of Tweed’ll Dee By Notions of Brechin and a previous challenge winner, has been co-opted on to this year’s judging team for the difficult task of deciding a winner and a runner up from an anticipated amazing array of entries. Frockery vouchers will go to the contributors of the most stylish and creative eco-fashionable ensembles at the end of the challenge.

    To help inspire eco-fashionistas who want to save both the planet and the wallet in style, the Frockery has prepared a useful list of Top 10 ‘RE’-ACTIONS to the relentless pressures of the fast fashion industry. The message could not be clearer: “Why buy new when it’s more fashionable, frugal and eco-friendly to go retro?”.


  • So here it is, Merry Christmas (and a Happy New Year)

    December 23, 2014


    The Frockers would like to wish all our customers, readers, visitors and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for your support during 2014, which has been our most successful trading year to date.

    We'll be back at the frock face for a few days - full of turkey (and veggie equivalent), chocolate and raised spirits - before starting again on our Hogmanay celebrations next week.

    Do please remember that, for any Frockery items purchased as Christmas gifts, we are happy to extend our refund/exchange period as long as the goods are returned to us by the end of January.

    Sadly, John Otway didn't hit the Christmas No 1 spot, but he and his reindeer made an impact on the charts, along with his Big Band (one of whom doubles as a Hot Rod) and the Very Dodgy Jumper choir. If the truth be known, we preferred the B side, Rocking with the Reindeer - so here it is, Merry Christmas!


  • For the love of velvet

    December 15, 2014

    Velvet is popular throughout the year, but never more so than at Christmas. There is always room in your wardrobe for a classic black velvet skirt and pair of trousers, which can be teamed with a variety of silk shirts and sparkly tops for maximum versatility, but we also love to wear our velvets at this time of year in berry red, deep purple and emerald green.

    Here is a small selection of our favourite velvet pieces from the current catalogue, but because we love it so, you'll find dedicated virtual rails of velvet frockery in our Find by Fabric section.

    purple velvet dress

    Monsoon purple velvet halter neck dress

    berry red velvet dress berry red velvet dress

    Monsoon berry red vevet dress with back bow

    green velvet hat black velvet hat

    Vintage velvet hats in green and black

    black velvet opera coat

    Laura Ashley embellished black velvet opera coat

    red velvet stretch dress

    Laura Ashley stretch red velvet cocktail dress

    brown velvet skirt set

    Laura Ashley brown velvet two piece

    midnight blue velvet cocktail dress

    Opera midnight blue velvet cocktail dress

  • Small Business Saturday special offer

    December 5, 2014

    small biz saturday 2014

    Following the Black Friday shenanigans we wrote about last week, we are pleased once again to be promoting the alternative concept of Small Business Saturday in celebration of all the small and micro independent traders on your local and virtual high streets, where personal attention is paramount and great service is guaranteed. It's hard going for us little 'uns and we all appreciate our customers' continuing support.

    Now we don't want to encourage brawling amongst our buyers or a stampede in our virtual aisles (!), but we will be offering a 20% discount across the Frockery store for all orders placed from 12 noon today until midnight on Saturday 6th December. Please enter code SMALLBIZSAT at our checkout to take advantage of this pre-Christmas offer and we'll wing your frockery off to you at the speed of, er, Royal Mail!

    Forfar has sadly lost a few more local traders this past year, including our iconic ironmongery store, David Irons & Sons, which has was established in the town in 1840. We have previously written Cobblers! about another local shop being squeezed out of business, thanks to a bank moving the overdraft goalposts - the unit is still vacant more than two years later and we have no idea what became of its former occupant. The message really couldn't be clearer when it comes to small businesses: use them or lose them!


    David Irons & Sons, still lit up for Christmas 2012


  • Black Friday frenzy, just why?

    November 28, 2014

    buy nothing day

    Leaving our local Asda clutching a bottle of red last night, we were surprised to find one of the doors out of use and metal crowd control barriers being positioned outside the store. Could it be that Kate Middleton was coming to buy some George baby clothes, we wondered? On asking some hi-viz members of staff what it was all about, we were informed that they were expecting large crowds in the morning since it was Black Friday and there was bound to be a bun fight - or more likely a 90" plasma TV fight - for heavily discounted items in store.

    Although we obviously know all about the American post-Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping phenomenon, we don't recall it ever being marketed quite so aggressively by UK retailers, and some even claim it to have racist associations. It all strikes us as just another example of collective insanity fuelled by greed, the results of which were amply demonstrated in today's media reports of brawling crowds doing battle for previously overpriced consumer goods that we could all very easily live without. People have already been injured by falling TVs and in outright fisticuffs as the shopping frenzy takes hold across the UK. Surely it's time to get a grip?

    We won't be joining in. Instead we'll be celebrating Buy Nothing Day on 29/11/14 and supporting Small Business Saturday on 06/12/14, as we do every year. We may even be offering modest across-store discounts, but please remember, no fighting amongst the virtual rails! There is plenty to go round and it's affordable all the year round.

    The Frockery