• Dressember 2012, week 5

    December 29, 2012

    It's finally Week 5 and the last few days of Dressember 2012.  You can see the outfits we wore for Week 1 here, Week 2 here, Week 3 here and Week 4 here.

    29th December

    Today is an official bling theme day where Dressemberistas are encouraged to glam up in sequins and/or sparkle, so despite feeling far from sparkling right now thanks to a combination of lethargy and lurgy, we have donned our Blanes 'Mad Men' vintage cocktail dress in aqua lurex which was gifted to us by a friend a few years ago.

    dressember day 29 frockery

    30th December

    It's the penultimate day of Dressember and cold, dreich and downright miserable in our corner of Scotland, so we decided to brighten our mood with this purple and turquoise silk print dress with huge front pussy bow.

    dressember day 30 2012 frockery

    31st December, Hogmanay

    How fast did December go? We can't quite believe it's Day 31 already and we have a whole New Year ahead of us, one in which we will be wearing many more dresses than usual thanks to taking part in Dressember. It has been a great pleasure to meet fellow Dressemberistas over the past few weeks, all of whom have brought their own unique sense of style and je ne sais quoi to the challenge. We hope some of them will also be up for the Frockery Fashion Challenge in February where we vaunt the vintage, rock the retro and celebrate the second hand for a chance to win £100 of frockery from our catalogue.

    For the final day of Dressember 2012 we have gone back to the 70s with this navy print Susan Small dress, originally bought from Mr Ben's vintage shop in Glasgow some years ago, which has the most amazing crystal pleated flared sleeves and fit and flare styling. [Note to self: must not dip sleeves in the madeira sauce on tonight's menu!]

    dressember day 31 frockery

    Happy New Year everyone and Lang May Your Lum Reek!

  • Dressember 2012, week 4

    December 22, 2012

    We're now into Week 4 of Dressember 2012!  21 frocks (and skirts) down and 10 to go. You can see the outfits we wore for Week 1 here, Week 2 here and Week 3 here.

    22nd December

    It's the wedding dress theme day today and Dressemberistas are being encouraged to don their wedding dress if they still have it (or have ever been married); or failing that,  their poshest frockery.  Being up for a challenge, and in possession of a pair of killer Spanx, we thought we'd get into the spirit and give our own 1980s nuptial number a second outing. We did not, however, venture outside in it.

    The chief frocker's wedding dress was hand made in 1983 by her mum from a Vogue Original pattern in ivory silk and moire satin trimmed with ... wait for it.... net curtains from Lewisham market, lace being rather too expensive for her budget at the time. The ceremony took place at Lewisham Registry Office, where the best man's car refused to start and so we all walked home (it wasn't far but was mostly uphill and in heels...)

    Here's a photograph of the dress as originally worn on 11th October 1983... how cool is that park bench (halfway home)?

    wedding 1981

    And here's the same dress today (a good deal tighter than it was 29 years ago!)

    dressember day 22 wedding frockery

    dressember day 22 wedding frockery

    Although Johnny Frocker still has his wedding suit, the trousers look now resemble tights and the jacket doesn't meet in the middle, so he decided to pass on re-enacting the big day authentically, but here he is in his casuals!

    dressember day 22 frockery wedding


    23rd December

    Day 23 has been one of slaving over a hot stove and baking for the family gathering over the festive period, so this Dorothy Perkins art nouveau print dress fitted the bill perfectly with orange tights and gold ballet slippers. No need for a cardi as the kitchen got pretty hot, but the singularly unattractive Loch Ness Monster apron was ditched for the photograph!

    dressember day 23 frockery

    24th December

    Christmas Eve and Dressember Day 24! Practicality was called for, so today we are wearing a 1960s tweed skirt with a beige silk blouse (Principles) and tan wool gilet (Equorian).  It is taken in very poor (candle) lighting so a bit blurry (then again, maybe Johnny Frocker had had a few mulled wines too many!)  We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Day tomorrow and that we manage to check in here at some point with some pics. xxx

    dressember day 24 frockery

     25th December - Christmas Day

    Our Christmas Day choice was a Blanes vintage 60s black lace dress bought recently from RaRa in Dundee. We'd ditched the heels by this point!

    dressember day 25 frockery

    Happy  mama with Kirstin and Danny Frocker (and lots of chocolate!)

    the frockers at christmas

    26th December - K's birthday and Boxing Day

    We have been late in getting Dressember Day 26 blogged as we were busy with birthday celebrations for Kirstin Frocker and entertaining guests. Better late than never, the Boxing Day frock is one that's been in the wardrobe since the late 70s and, in keeping with the allotted 'rainbow' theme, bright purple with a multicoloured smocked bodice and floral print trim.

    dressember day 26 frockery

    27th December

    Back to work, albeit at a gentle pace, on post-festive Day 27 and we wore tartan frockery in the form of a green plaid smock dress (which hides a multitude of Christmas calories!) over a forest green jumper and matching tights.

    dressember day 27 frockery

    28th December 

    Still in tartan mode - it's obviously a phase we're going through! For Day 28 we wore a navy shift dress (originally from M&S)  and vintage green plaid double breasted jacket with velvet collar and cuffs. Poor lighting for the pic, sorry - it had been a long day at the frock face.

    dressember day 28 frockery

    Last three days' outfits are blogged here.

  • Dressember 2012, week 3

    December 15, 2012

    It's Week 3 already and we have donned a total of 14 dresses (and/or skirts in our case) in the cause of Dressember 2012. You can see the outfits we wore for Week 1 here and Week 2 here.  Onwards towards Hogmanay we go!

    15th December

    Today we are remembering Vida, who was very much our inspiration and guiding light, on what would have been her 85th birthday. ♥♥♥  She would have loved Dressember!

    So it's Day 15  and the designated them is spots and/or stripes. As luck would have it, this Oasis cream skirt with red spots and horizontal stripes around the hemline was found lurking at the back of the chief frocker's wardrobe where it was filed under 'for when we lose a bit of weight' (fortunately we have!)  and it fits the bill perfectly along with a Christmassy red cashmere jumper and cream leather boots.

    dressember day 15 frockery

     16th December

    Day 16 and we stayed indoors in the warmth all day so had the chance to wear one of our summer staples – a pink Temple tie dye maxi dress  with a Per Una cardigan and gold slippers.

    dressember 16 frockery

    17th December

    Day 17's choice is once again influenced by the continuing cold weather (which I suppose we should expect it in Scotland in the middle of winter!) : a baby blue cashmere jumper and Next print skirt we've had for 20 odd years. We'll be exchanging the ballet slippers for boots and adding big coat before venturing out to the post office with our barrow full of orders this afternoon!

    dressember day 17 frockery

    18th December

    Dressember is truly flying by! Today we headed into Dundee for a spot of Christmas shopping mixed with business, thus our choice of this very vintage Eastex grey utility skirt suit (picked up for a fiver years ago) which we teamed with a warm black jumper, black lace tights and boots and accessorised with a fur stole and vintage hat with birdcage veil (as in Day 11).  We can't tell you how pleased we were to pick up a vintage Blanes little black lace dress from our friends at RARA Vintage which should be making an appearance on Dressember over the festive season. Shame we didn't manage to finish the present shopping for other people, oops!

    dressember day 18 frockery

    19th December

    Another theme day and it's 'Give us a Twirl' time (not good at our age as you can probably tell from the pics!) So for Dressember Day 19, after hanging about in old leggings and a tunic dress while catching up in the office, we got properly frocked up in one of our favourite vintage dresses. This one is an original 1950s green floral voile dress (which only just fits again after several years in the too small department) originally bought for (you won't believe this) £1.75 in a charity shop in deepest Hertfordshire. We accessorised it with an original 50s underskirt (from a friend's attic!), a green chiffon shawl (source forgotten), metallic silver gloves ( from Asda) and green suede Jigsaw shoes. We can confidently say our twirling days are over and we're mighty glad we hadn't eaten before this particular endeavour!

    Pre Twirl looking smug

    dressember day 19 frockery

    The Twirl

    dressember day 19 twirl frockery

    Post Twirl hanging on to mantelpiece and feeling a tad nauseous

    dressember day 19 frockery

    20th December

    For Day 20 we went for another of our old favourites: a Ronni Nicole skater style dress in black panne velvet with leopard trimmed collar, cuffs and buttons teamed with black tights and black suede boots.

    dressember day 20 frockery

    21st December

    Three weeks of Dressember completed and we're amazed to have got this far! Day 21 has been another miserable day here so we opted for an old M&S floral wool skirt in greens and oranges with a black twin set and suede boots. Kirstin Frocker  arrives home from London tonight and we are soooooo excited to be spending Christmas (and her birthday on Boxing Day) together.

    dressember day 21 frockery

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  • Dressember 2012, week 2

    December 8, 2012

    We've now entered week 2 of Dressember 2012 (see week 1 outfits here) and it has been fun so far. Far more fun than we thought it would be, to be honest, and there is such a great sense of camaraderie on the Dressember Facebook page where we have been posting our pics on a daily basis.

    Thinking about what you wear every day rather than just throwing on the first pair of jeans in the pile and the warmest jumper you possess (it is the middle of winter, after all!) has been good for the sartorial soul and has also been great practice for the upcoming Frockery February Fashion Challenge  2013, where we will once again be showing that sustainable style can be every bit as cool as the time of year!

    8th December (Springing Saturday)

    Today is 'Springing Saturday' for Dressember participants, where the challenge is to snap yourself (or, preferably, get someone else to snap you) in mid air with both feet off the ground - easier said than done at our age, but we'll try anything once and hopefully live not to regret it.

    Today we are wearing a multicoloured chevron swing skirt originally from Miss Selfridge and our trusty Autograph black cashmere jumper  along with black lacy leggings and calf length Victorian style boots, accessorised with the statement belt from Day 1 and a gold necklace with sparkly rhinestones and chain tassel for a bit of weekend bling.

    Look!!! Johnny 'David Bailey' Frocker managed to capture the requisite mid air shot and we are also delighted to report that a safe landing was accomplished!

    9th December

    It has been a very busy day today updating the catalogue with new stock and planning the week ahead. For Dressember Day 9, we teamed a charcoal pinstripe pencil skirt with a black M&S jumper with cream lace collar, warm black tights and yesterday's boots.

    dressember day 9 forckery

    10th December

    Day 10 and we thought we'd brighten up a dismal Monday with our cream Fair Isle knit skirt (originally from Next) and raspberry cashmere jumper, accessorised with  an 80s Jaeger belt and our Scottie dog car boot brooch.

    dressember 10 frockery

    11th December

    Flannel frockery is fab for freezing temperatures! Today we are wearing  a vintage grey flannel dress with black velvet collar and buttons, black lace tights and boots, topped off with a grey velvet vintage hat with feather flourish and birdcage veil.

    dressember 11 frockery

    12th December

    Dressember Day 12 is designated ‘Nature’ theme day and so we duly donned our bird and tree print tunic dress from New York Laundry with a floral fringed scarf bought 30 years ago from London's Kensington Market. For warmth (as you have no idea just how cold it is in these parts!) we added thick navy leggings and biker boots with extra socks and temporarily removed our big cardigan to illustrate the ‘nature’ print.

    dressember day 12 frockery

    13th December

    Late getting the pics done today as we've been busy in the shop and engaging in a Lemsip offensive in a bid to stave off the cold that is threatening. For Day 13 we went for warmth and comfort in the form of an olive jumper with a black crochet skirt (both years old) with Fair Isle wool leggings from Deptford Market in London. We also wore our full length green wool cardigan coat for much of the day and looked a dead ringer for a Michelin man by the time we added our big faux fur coat for the post office run!

    dressember day 13 frockery

    14th December

    Even later with the photographic evidence for Day 14 after running to stand still all day and a sortie into Dundee to pick up some Christmas shopping. Today we decided upon a Paul Smith wrapover dress we found on the 50p rail of a local charity shop the other week as we rather liked the print. Being freezing here (still!) we teamed it with a wool turtle neck jumper and boots.

    dressember day 14 frockery

    We've just linked up with Moda Mama  who is also blogging Dressember 2012!


    Week 3 outfits are blogged here.

  • Dressember 2012, week 1

    December 1, 2012

    The chief frocker thought she'd have a go at Dressember this year, but will be cheating by wearing skirts as well as dresses for the whole month. Can she do it? Tune in to Frockery Talk daily and follow her progress (or otherwise) until Hogmanay.

    1st December 

    It started with a skirt...  Deep purple longer length riding skirt with ultra-forgiving elasticated wasitband, to be precise (from Next Directory, winter 1988, bought in anticipation of giving birth to Danny Frocker in Feb '89 and has been worn as a winter staple ever since ). Teamed with a black wool polo neck jumper from M&S accessorised with a purple paisley fringed shawl and 80s black statement belt. It's freezing here, by the way!

    dressember 1st frockery

     2nd December

    Today we were supposed to be taking part in the vintage event at McManus Galleries in Dundee with our friends at RARA and the Prettty Vacant Showrooms. However, some sad circumstances and a minor, but debilitating, injury to Johnny Frocker conspired against us and we are needed elsewhere. It's still very cold here, so thick tights and boots are de rigueur for our determined Dressemberista. We are also in sombre mood, so the chief frocker's choice for Day 2 is a Zara grey dress with a little bit of pleating, accessorised with a delicate chain belt and 70s pendant.

    dressember 02

     3rd December

    Dressember Day 3’s offering is an easy wear, ultra comfortable and surprisingly warm vintage teal print wool dress with pussy bow, worn with boots (again!) because it has been snowing here today.

    dressember day 3 frockery

    4th December

    Day 4 already! Monochrome dogtooth check stretch skirt, originally from M&S, teamed with a black wool twin set, Scottie dog brooch and chunky necklace. Worn with boots (again!) as it has been snowing.

    dressember frockery day 4

     5th December

    For Day 5, it's a French Connection (via charity shop) LBD, accessorised with a leather Diesel belt, round pendant necklace and charm bracelet. Worn with charcoal diamond pattern tights and black calf length lace up boots.

    dressember day 5 frockery

    6th December

    We're heading up the A90 towards Aberdeen today where it's even colder than here. The car contains the obligatory shovel and extra blankets just in case! For Dressember Day 6 we have opted for a vintage black leather skirt teamed with a feline print wool jumper and black leather gilet, accessorised with a black and silver metallic belt. Worn with burnt orange tights, black biker boots and satchel.  We do own shoes, honestly!

    dressember day 6 frockery

    [UPDATE: Well that was an adventure! The chief frocker is feeling mighty grateful to have been dug out of a snowbound car park in Laurencekirk this afternoon by the lovely ladies from Pamper Zone Boutique and an obliging man with grit who happened to be passing. She does not plan on venturing north of Brechin again until spring.]

    7th December

    One week of Dressember done and dusted and for Day 7, we have chosen a (several years old) Phase Eight grey and rose print dress with (even older) black wrapover cardigan, grey tights and Jigsaw green suede shoes (we told you we had shoes!)

    dressember day 7 frockery

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