• Tartan an' Tweed'll Dee for the Ballater Victoria Week

    August 6, 2015

    janice scottie bag 2

    Anyone who has taken part in the Frockery Eco-Fashion challenge over the past few years will  recognise our chief judge, Janice Stewart, from the striking photograph above. Although her craft business Tweed'll Dee by Notions is based just 12 miles from Frockery HQ, our paths first crossed online when Janice entered and (twice!) won our challenge by wowing us all with her creativity and flair, her unique sense of style and wonderful sense of fun.

    Janice, who originally hails from Ballater on Royal Deeside, has recently been very busy preparing for the Ballater Victoria Week, at which she will be launching and showcasing the brand new BVW tartan,  designed by a local wee lassie, Lizzie Scripps, in celebration of Homecoming Scotland 2014 and first woven this year.

    You'll find her  strutting her tartan stuff at the Victoria Hall, Station Square, Ballater, on Saturday 8th August from 11am until 4pm. Full details of the event can be found on the Official Launching of Ballater Victoria Week Tartan Facebook Page, where some merchandise is also available to buy online.

    janice scottie bag

    janice scottie bag 3

    Tweed'll Dee generously sponsored the initial production of 10m of 11oz double-width woollen tartan, and Janice has used it to create a small range of products, some of which will be sold in aid of BVW.

    Explaining her proud involvement in her 'home town' project, Janice said:

    “On choosing the business name Tweed’ll Dee,  I based it loosely on the Doric language (‘Tweed Will Do’), still prevalent in my home town and, although I now live in Brechin, I’m not that far from my roots! Tweed’ll Dee by Notions is proud to be the sole supplier and sponsor of the initial set-up and first production run of this special edition tartan fabric!"

    She promises there will be lots of lovely products available to buy, including one-offs and limited editions, made using the new tartan.  Her showcase table will be part of the Knittykittybangbang Crafters event  and Janice herself will be unmissable as ever, dressed up to the nines in her specially created BVW tartan frockery!

    Many of the sellers at the event, along with other selected makers, have donated items to the big raffle which have been made from tartan donated by Tweed'll Dee, and it is hoped that larger-scale production of the tartan will follow if there is sufficient interest.  Maybe some of the high profile locals will give it their royal seal of approval?

  • 'Through the Decades' fashion show for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

    May 15, 2015

    phyllis tuckwell fashion show

     We regularly receive invitations to take part in charity events and requests for contributions to good causes, both local and much further afield. The energy, enthusiasm and dedication of the organisers and fundraisers never fail to impress, but as a small business, we obviously can't commit to supporting many of them and simply have to wish them well.

    We recently received a lovely email from the events coordinator of the Psychology Society at the University of Surrey asking if we might participate in a 'Through the Decades' vintage fashion show in memory of a much loved lecturer to raise funds for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham, Surrey. It will take place on Tuesday 19th May, at 7pm, in the Students' Union, Stag Hill, Guildford GU2 7XH. Tickets cost £5 and all proceeds will be donated to the hospice.

    "Lynne Millward was previously the Director of Undergraduate Studies. She very sadly passed away from cancer in 2012 in the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. Lynne was an inspiration to students and staff alike - she was an excellent lecturer, was an excellent colleague for the staff, and she is very much missed by the department. The staff at the University have been very touched by the way in which a wish to fund raise for the hospice that cared for her has been passed from cohort to cohort, even now that the large majority of our students never had the opportunity to be taught by Lynne. Thus, it is for this reason we are hosting a charity show to raise money for the hospice that was so deeply kind to our very sadly missed lecturer."

    Now those who know the frockers well will already be aware of how committed we are to supporting hospice care, having seen the work of dedicated hospice staff at first hand ourselves in the not very distant past, and we have previously taken part in a fundraising fashion show for the Perth based Cornhill Macmillan Hospice. As big supporters of education charities, we also recognise the importance of inspirational teachers in bringing out students' full potential. Lynne Millward was obviously one such inspirational teacher and colleague.

    Given that it would be unrealistic for us to travel 500 miles ourselves, we are sending this vintage Furla designer silk scarf to auction or raffle on the day.

     furla silk scarf

    If any of our local customers or readers can make it along to support this worthy cause, you are unlikely to be disappointed. In addition to the fashion show,  there will be vintage stalls, a vintage inspired tea party and even a vintage pop up photo booth!

    We hope the event is a great success and look forward to posting an update on how it all went.

  • Beatroot & Lace goes to GoMA

    March 6, 2015

    Readers may remember we posted last September about a new Glasgow-based vintage (ad)venture in the form of the Beatroot & Lace Bazaar, described by its founders as "The Vintage Fair With Creative Flair".

    Well, we are pleased to report that the concept has been a great success; so much so that founders Marco and Jennie are about to introduce a pop up Big Bonanza Bazaar to the main hall of the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), the epicentre of Glasgow’s creative scene and the backdrop for that famous Duke of Wellington statue!

    goma wellington statue

    Image credit: Evening Times

    Starting next Saturday 14th March, from 11am to 5.30pm, with more "magical" venues to be announced, the new Beatroot & Lace events will showcase the wares of no less than 75 vintage sellers and designer/makers, all local to Glasgow and the surrounding areas, accompanied by lots of art and live music. Sounds to us frockers like the perfect recipe for vintage inspired success!

    Marco and Jennie dropped us a line to tell us all about the latest B&L developments:

    "We started in September at The Art School which was to be a monthly event.  We had amazing interest from the start with long waiting lists for traders and it grew and grew.  We have had feedback that the the Bazaar is very laid back and has a great atmosphere.  We encourage collaboration with artists and musicians as well as designer makers - this added a little something to the vintage fair concept that had already been running in Glasgow for a while, and people liked it!

    "The Bazaar takes pride in promoting small local business and talent and it is FREE entry to all! There will be an honesty box for those who want to see the Bazaar get better and better by paying what they think the experience is worth - it is not encouraged at all, however, and everyone is welcome with open arms!"

    GoMA fair

    Taking place on the eve of Mother's Day, the super sized GoMA bazaar will provide the perfect opportunity to find a unique gift for mum, as well as soak up the creative atmosphere with lots of art and music to enjoy throughout the day. It promises to be a simultaneous celebration of the past and the future in what its founders describe as "an environment that nurtures talent, encourages creativity and embraces entrepreneurialism".

    We would like to wish Marco and Jennie good luck for GoMA and every success in growing their Beatroot & Lace brand. We'll look forward to the next update from this dynamic duo.

  • Grand re-opening of Tay Treasures

    January 28, 2015


    Image credit: James Cameron Munro

    The chief frocker spent an enjoyable few hours last Friday helping Tayside ReUsers (of which she is a trustee) celebrate the opening of its newly refurbished shop, Tay Treasures, which occupies a dedicated space within the charity's vast Dundee Emporium.

    A sizeable audience gathered to enjoy the official ribbon-cutting by Iain Gulland of Zero Waste Scotland, and the staff and volunteers are to be congratulated for working so hard to ensure such a successful event.



    Our mannequin Christine got dressed up in all her finery for an extended visit to the wedding corner, where she was joined by a couple of TR's more premanent resin residents. Arthur is still sulking at being left behind, but will no doubt be invited to visit at Halloween when he can revel in being the centre of attention.


    wedding corner



     And here's the chief frocker with staff and fellow trustees, courtesy of her 'press secretary', who also caught one local politician unawares!

    Lots more images can be found on the Tayside ReUsers Facebook page.


  • Frockers' Adventures in Weegieland

    November 18, 2014

    herald fashion awards finalist banner

    After milking our nomination for all it was worth as finalists in the Herald Fashion awards, Alison and Fi Frocker took themselves to Glasgow for the 'prize-giving' at the weekend. Having  chosen the Herald event over the Otway extravaganza that was taking place in Southend the same weekend - at which we had been offered the opportunity to sing backing vocals on the two-hit wonder's Christmas single - we were expecting  truly great things (and a much lesser hangover) by staying in Scotland.

    As it happened, our appearance had been touch and go as the frockmobile decided to play up after aquaplaning across Angus on Friday evening, but having received assistance from a knight of the road in the form of an AA patrol man (who should take a well deserved bow for exceptional service) we were soon back on track and arrived safely at our Glasgow hotel without major incident. We even had time for a wee wander down Sauchiehall Street, K Frocker's old stomping ground from her student days at Glasgow School of Art, before she deserted us for her absolutely fabulous buyer's job with an international fashion brand in London.

    Coinciding with the Christmas lights switch-on in George Square (as well as the star-studded BAFTAs), the taxi driver took us on grand tour of the city, due to closed roads, just to travel a mile or so. We therefore arrived fashionably late at the venue - the cavernous Arta, in the Merchant City - in anticipation of what had been described as a fabulous evening of fabulous fashion, fabulous canapés and fabulous everything else. It was undoubtedly an honour for us to be representing Angus in a veritable sea of central belt businesses, and, as the T shirt says, it had "gotta be better than Otway!"

    the frockers and friend

    The Frockers and a friend at the bar (where else?) [Image credit: The Herald]

    Fabulous frockery was certainly in abundance, and while we played it safe in our 80s Egon von Fürstenberg (Fi) and original vintage Blanes (Alison), there were some amazing outfits on display in a myriad of styles. Lynn from Herald Events looked especially sensational in her Nicci.N Boutique gown.


    Undoubtedly the most enjoyable aspect of the evening for us was meeting so many interesting people from the creative industries (maybe we don't get out enough). It was a particular pleasure to meet the talented Colleen Leitch, Scottish Graduate of the Year 2014, and her family, with whom we tussled for haggis balls and battered prawns as one member of the party looked on in patient anticipation of his gluten free equivalent (which eventually arrived, but it took rather too long).

    The main part of the evening was hosted by Scottish supermodel Eunice Olumide, who presided over a short fashion show, a pecha kucha slot on sustainable fashion (the business model on which the Frockery was founded in 2007, well before slow fashion became, er, 'fashionable') and, finally, the awards ceremony itself. Details of the winners can be found here and we were especially delighted to see Scot Street Style (who is never lost for words!) scoop best fashion Twitterati.

    We never expected to be short-listed for, never mind win, our category (preloved online retailer of the year) and congratulate Glasgow Vintage on their success. Despite one of our witty Twitter followers calling for a recount (with his tongue firmly in his cheek!), we can assure him and everyone else that the accolades we value most of all are those from our long standing, loyal customers across the UK and beyond. Their support has been especially important to us over this past year, which has been one of deep sadness for the frocker family and exceptionally challenging for our wee business. Things will never again be the same for us after the loss of the inimitable and irreplaceable Johnny Frocker, who could spot an Ossie Clark at 50 yards and who always kept us grounded as well as solvent. We miss you, Johnny!

    Apparently, the Otway Convention went well too, and our good friend Deadly the Roadie tweets us that he managed to avoid the 'back of the pantomime reindeer' role for which he (and his truly amazing legs) had been talent spotted! Otway for Christmas No 1, we say - but we know that, just like us, he won't be disappointed if he doesn't quite crack the top slot!


  • Gym'll fix it? The zipper's progress

    November 10, 2014

    There are times when a frocker's gotta do what a frocker's gotta do in order to fit into her favourite vintage dress for the Herald Fashion Awards on Sunday. Did we mention The Frockery is a finalist in the best preloved online retailer category? Yes, of course we did! 

    Thankfully, our local Forfar Leisure Centre provides all the instruments of torture necessary to help achieve the goal of doing up the zip on the 5os cocktail number we have earmarked for the occasion, but time is running out...

    lochside leisure centre

    A little encouragement from Twitter friends never goes amiss!

    cross trainer twitter banterpauline twitter

    A combination of 30 mins on the treadmill, 20 mins on the cross trainer and 15 mins on the bike allegedly expended 550 calories this lunch time, while the banana only added about 100. So it was a pretty wrecked looking frocker sporting trainers and bad hair- rather than a well-coiffed #heraldfashion icon in heels - who dropped the day's orders off with Sara at Forfar post office this afternoon. It had better be worth it!

    Rather than undo all the gruelling  good work by indulging in our favourite Merlot this evening, we are limiting ourselves to a single G&T - The Botanist gin, of course, which was gifted by a friend from South Uist. Our Arabella looks as if she's had a few herself!

    botanist gin

    Here's hoping that the gym'll fix it for us to become fit for fashionable purpose in six days flat. We will report further on the  zipper's progress and, of course, the glitzy awards event at Arta in Glasgow, which we are looking forward to immensely. Please wish us luck!