pre-owned fashion

  • Desperately seeking Kilspindie knitwear

    March 26, 2009

    The Frockery has had a call from a nursing home where a staff member has accidentally shrunk the favourite jumper of one of its elderly residents. The staff all feel so bad about this mishap that they have taken it upon themselves to try and find a replacement.

    Although we do stock Kilspindie knitwear from time to time, we have nothing suitable at the moment, so we thought we would put out an APB for a jumper of this description: size L, navy wool, V neck with cabling, and contrast green and red stripes around the neck, hem and cuffs.

    If you or anyone you know can help match a suitable Kilspindie with this delightful elderly gentleman, please contact us and we will put you directly in touch with the nursing home. We know it would make both the elderly gentleman and the nursing home staff very happy!

  • Eco friendly fashion makes economic sense

    February 2, 2009

    2 February 2009

    February has certainly made its chilly presence felt and we all woke up to a blanket of snow this morning, like everyone else in the UK it seems. For London buses to stop running, it must be serious!

    We are sorting stock today, having had a very busy week trying to keep up with a surge in orders which suggests that more and more people are embracing the benefits of preloved fashion for green and other practical reasons. Money is tight for everyone these days and fast fashion is losing its appeal as more discerning consumers want to create an individual look with an emphasis on quality and style.

    Fashionistas need look no further then The Frockery for a doubly eco-friendly experience which makes sound economic as well as ecological sense. Be it vintage, retro or more contemporary preloved  fashion, quality and affordability are our bywords and we are delighted to have been included in Penny Lane's list of recommended British vintage shops.

  • Frockery shopping for frugal fashionistas

    February 13, 2008

    The credit crunch is taking its toll on household budgets everywhere as the cost of living continues to soar, with upwardly mobile mortgage payments, escalating fuel prices and public transport fares making ever greater demands on all our disposable incomes.  Meanwhile, as the credit card bills continue to roll in as regular reminders of our buy now, pay later festive spending activities, it’s time to take firm financial action if we are to get back on budget. 

    In the depths of winter, however, we all need a few little indulgences to help us beat the cold weather blues and there is nothing like a new (or nearly new) fashion look to make us feel like the million dollars we don’t have! Fortunately for frugal fashionistas, The Frockery specialises in the sort of fashion which suits small budgets and, literally, doesn’t cost the earth. We endeavour to bring our customers the very best in pre-loved apparel, from vintage and retro fashion to top quality contemporary labels which have been worn only once or twice or sometimes not at all.  

    The Frockery motto is simple: why buy new when it is more fashionable, frugal and eco-friendly to go retro?   

    As veteran collectors, buyers and sellers of pre-owned, vintage and retro clothing and accessories from eras gone by, mainly the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, The Frockery team are big fans of the ‘slow fashion’ genre which celebrates sustainability and ethical elegance as opposed to the disposable fast fashion clone culture which dominates today’s high streets.  

    London Fashion Week has once again demonstrated that designers are continuing to borrow from the past for inspiration and we can all take a leaf out of their style files. There is no need to spend a fortune on the latest fashion trends when these are so often derived from bygone eras and you can adapt, reinvent and accessorise items from the back of your own wardrobe for next to nothing. Failing that, come and have a browse through The Frockery virtual rails for some affordable vintage fashion - or else just some good old fashioned inspiration!