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  • Boho is back!

    April 11, 2017
    Although the chief frocker still owns the scarf in the above pic, the alpaca jumper didn't manage to stand the pace or heat (of the washing machine) and the poodle perm didn't survive past the early 80s. This look would have been complemented by her prized Afghan maxi coat - purchased with her first Edinburgh law student grant in 1974 - had it not been stolen from an all-night party in Stirling in 1977.
  • Metallic guru, is it you?

    December 1, 2016
    Marc Bolan was one of the chief frocker's heroes when glam rock was in the ascendant and Metal Guru stormed the charts in 1972. Oh, how we all cried when Marc died in 1977, but his legacy of metallics, lurid lurex and glitter remained de rigueur throughout the decade for a night out at the disco.
  • Celebrate the 70s for less!

    July 5, 2016
    We are celebrating the Seventies this summer with a 15% discount code which will be valid for all online purchases from our 70s vintage frockery department until Sunday 10 July. To take advantage of this offer, please just enter the code SEVENTIES at our checkout and the discount will be automatically applied.
  • Viva la Biba!

    January 28, 2016

    vintage Biba label

    We are delighted to present this delectable vintage Biba dress which dates from the late 60s or early 70s and is looking for an appreciative new home. It is in excellent condition and would best suit a slim, boyish frame.

    Biba produced striped dresses in a variety of designs around this period, and since stripes are very much de rigueur this season, this dress not only fits the on-trend bill but is also a beautiful example of designer vintage fashion history.

    vintage Biba grey striped jersey dress

    Biba vintage dress

    biba vintage striped dress

    Anyone who enters an outfit in this year's Frockery Eco-Fashion Challenge, which starts on 1st February 2016, will be eligible for a 10% discount on the catalogue price of this item as long as it is available. Please contact us and we'll reduce the price accordingly.

  • Northern Soul the film

    October 28, 2014

    northern soul

    In a previous post, we promised we were going to go and see Northern Soul the film as soon as it came out, and as luck would have it, it was showing at Glasgow Film Theatre on 23rd October, the same date we had arranged to attend an equally 70s John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett gig at the Ferry (more about that later!)

    The theatre was full to capacity and there were reports of queues around the block for cinemas across the country. Quite an achievement for a wee indie film, and the Glasgow audience was certainly not disappointed. We were transported straight back to 70s northern England by Elaine Constantine, who grew up in Bury, Lancashire, and like our own Johnny Frocker, frequented the all nighters at Wigan Casino as a teenager.

    Elaine's film, which has been described as "an exuberant love letter to a bygone time" and "a northern Saturday Night Fever" is a must watch. The clothes are authentically bad, but in a good way, and the music and dancing are awesome. The film is a triumph.

    For those interested in the scene, this BBC2 documentary Northern Soul: Keeping The Faith, shown on the Culture Show in September 2013, is an excellent introduction to the 70s phenomenon.

    Elaine Constantine on Northern Soul
    Northern Soul the film on Facebook
    Northern Soul the film on Twitter

  • Rockers of ages: Quo at the Mo

    May 24, 2014

    STATUS QUO ROCK THE MOstatus quo mofest van werninck studio

    Image credit: Van Werninck Studio, Montrose

    Listening to Status Quo's newly released Piledriver album back in 1972 in her best friend's bedroom, the future chief frocker (who was then, inexplicably, planning a career in the law) and her chum were already confirmed teenage rockers. The 'denimic' duo, whose days were reluctantly spent in school uniforms translating Latin texts (very badly in one case) and struggling with the intricacies of differential calculus, worshipped the Quo above all others. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that, 42 years later, Messrs Rossi and Parfitt would be belting out Paper Plane live in an outdoor arena within earshot and in full view of that same Montrose bedroom window!

    status quo mofest tickets

    As soon as Status Quo was confirmed as this years' headline act for the Montrose Music Festival, the lifelong friends just knew they had to be there, along with a selection of their middle aged contemporaries (and even some embarrassed offspring), to watch their heroes perform  a storming 90 minute set on the East Links. Fortunately, it was a pretty mild Mo night with none of the usual gale force winds and not a drop of rain, so  the crowd relished every chord, note and beat (including an awesome drum solo) delivered by the vintage rock legends. Head banging may have been de rigueur, but pogo-ing had to be strongly resisted by some of the older rockers amongst us due to bad knees and previous experiences (plural) of requiring assistance from emergency services. *

    mofest shop window

    status quo newspaperstatuse quo window

    Local shops get in on the act with music themed window displays

    It was a real coup for the organisers to attract such a big name to such a small seaside town festival, which in just six years has grown to become a family-friendly favourite.  Save for the opening headline acts, which in previous years have included the Average White Band, the Proclaimers, Dr Feelgood and Eddi Reader, there is free entry to all the pubs hosting live music of all genres on the festival circuit, making it the biggest and best free music festival in Scotland.

    So now the Quo have finally made it to Mo, the band who opened LiveAid back in 1985 really can boast that they've been Rockin' all over the world!

    * UPDATE: While one of our concert party claims she feels 30 years younger thanks to Status Quo (probably because she didn't end up in A&E for a third time with torn ligaments after an over-energetic dance performance) , another has texted to say that her body feels "broken", and the chief frocker has partially lost the use of her legs. It was, however, well worth it!