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  • Ashes to Ashes fashion

    September 10, 2010

    Anyone who has been following the Frockery on Facebook or Twitter will already know how much we loved the BBC cult series  Ashes to Ashes. We have a particular crush on the gorgeous Philip Glenister, who plays Gene Hunt and who even appeared in the 2010 general election campaign alongside his famous red Quattro!

    Along with its prequel Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes undoubtedly helped fuel a revival in retro  fashion. Like many fans, we were positively bereft when the last series ended, so we have decided to devote our latest ‘Get the Look’ to Ashes inspired early 80s frockery.

    Alex Drake, played by Keeley Hawes, really rocked the white leather jacket and boots look, not to mention that sumptuous fur jacket, and Gene Hunt’s cowboy boots stole more than one show as he stepped out of the Quattro.  Leather jackets, white boots and stilettos,  denim jackets and off the shoulder slouch tops were de rigueur for the 'goodies' in the cast, while Jim Keats hid his decidedly devilish intentions behind an ordinary looking beige mac.

    Like 2010, the 80s brought enforced frugality for many as recession bit Britain. To get into the  zone, think Thatcher, Princess Diana, Dallas and Dynasty, big hair, shoulder pads, Fame (and legwarmers!),  Boy George (with hair!) and Culture Club, New Wave, Blondie, Adam Ant and new romantics.  Then go back in time to bring out your inner Alex (yet still stay fashionable) with a distinctively Ashes to Ashes look, like this one from our catalogue.

    White leather jacket White leather boots Max Mara jeans Black and gold tie neck blouse 80s black belt Black 80s bag

  • Frockery fashionistas strut their stuff

    July 4, 2010

    50s  tweed vintage  venture 60s mini dress

    The Frockery turned out on 3rd July along with some of Scotland’s finest vintage venturers for a vintage and retro related jamboree in Kirkcaldy, hosted by the Joint Regonal Development Trust to raise funds for the B-eat Charity which supports people with eating disorders.

    Alongside stalls aplenty selling clothing, millinery, jewellery and home wares, the Green Cockatoo tea room served up welcome sustenance in truly traditional style, while music from down the decades complemented the atmosphere of the day.

    The highlight for us was the afternoon catwalk show which featured pieces from some of the stallholders, including the Frockery. The young models showed the clothes off to great effect as they strutted their stuff across the stage, showcasing outfits from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

    It was an exhausting day, but we thoroughly enjoyed it, met some lovely people and acquired a few new customers. Take a bow, Hazel Kelly, for putting together such a successful event for such a worthy cause.

    crochet dress 70s hendrix fan 80s dynasty

  • Ashes to Ashes, the finale

    May 26, 2010

    Whatever will we do on a Friday night now that Ashes to Ashes has ended? The finale was so good we had to watch it twice! Shame about the Quattro, but oh what a poignant episode as all the loose ends from Life on Mars and the previous two Ashes series were tied up (sort of).

    These two popular BBC series have undoubtedly helped fuel a 70s and 80s retro revival as cast members flaunted the fashions of the decades that good taste forgot without a hint of embarrassment. We have some fab retro leather jacket in stock and a selection of 70s dresses for which sunglasses may be required! And while Alex Drake tottered about in high heels like these and donned highly impractical white leather gear and some distinctly dodgy off the shoulder numbers for work as a DI at Fenchurch East, Ray seemed almost surgically attached to his leather bomber jacket. Those were the days...

    As a consolation, Gok's Fashion Fix is back and got off to a flying start last night on Channel 4 with the "buy less, wear more" message. He is a savvy stylist who, we are pleased to say, recognises the potential of vintage pieces to personalise an ordinary high street outfit. Brix Smith-Start, the designer junkie he vies with every week to win over an audience with his high street chic, may have her work cut out this series as we are all having our belts forcibly tightened to reduce the domestic deficit and won't have the budget for many (or even any) £800 dresses. The solution is to shop smart at stores like The Frockery - but we would say that, wouldn't we?

  • Ashes to Ashes fuels 80s fashion revival

    May 11, 2009

    At last the sun is breaking through in this corner of north east Scotland. Let's hope it lasts so that we can give the woolly jumpers a bit of a rest.

    It's been a busy couple of weeks, with many of our recently added Clearance items having been quickly snapped up. We have also managed some successful sourcing of items for customers with specific requirements and have received some great feedback. We were especially delighted to hear that another bride-to-be will be wearing some of our frockery at her wedding next week.

    The return of Ashes to Ashes seems to have fuelled a growing demand for 80s fashion, which - like Marmite - you either love or hate. As we have previously mentioned, what we all agree on here is that the gorgeous Philip Glenister (Gene Hunt) is unmissable!

  • The Burberry effect

    April 26, 2009

    Burberry certainly hasn't lost its appeal, given the number of enquiries we receive from lovers of this classic label. So it was no surprise that the trench coat we catalogued last week was gone within hours and we had several emails asking when we might have another in stock. The truth is we never quite know, which means it's a good idea to keep dropping by to see what's new on the site - or you can always ask us to contact you if a particular item comes in.

    The long anticipated new series of Ashes to Ashes started last week, which pleased us no end as we absolutely love Philip Glenister and his  various sidekicks. The 80s music and fashion flashbacks are great reminders of the days when life seemed a lot simpler, although we confess we are happy that the sexism which permeates this and other retro series has now largely been consigned to history.

    On the fashion front, Gok's Fashion Fix influence has been evident on high streets everywhere, with accessories such as belts being used to jazz up otherwise dull outfits without busting the budget. We are particularly liking the self-tie leather cummerbund style belts, some of which we have in stock. It seems that belt tightening is now more fashionable than ever!

  • News from snowman's land

    February 16, 2009

    Brrrr, it's still freezing here but life is getting back to normal after several days of living in snowman's land. We are grateful to Royal Mail and our courier services who have continued to serve us well during the big freeze and we have been busy supplying our customers with jumpers, coats and hats to beat the continuing winter chill.

    According to the weekend news, the 80s are making a big comeback, which is probably a timely antidote to all the doom and gloom since 80s fashion can't fail to bring a smile to everyone's face! Our latest stock selection is certainly full of 80s promise.

    Look out for more warm woolly arrivals over the next day or two, including hand knitted and Pringle numbers, as well as a some fab coats, both vintage and contemporary. New arrivals include a Paddy Campbell two piece, a Karl Lagerfeld 80s skirt suit and a good selection of vintage boots and shoes.