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  • Kool in the kaftan

    September 14, 2010

    As B.A. Robertson once sang, it’s Kool in the Kaftan. We don’t disagree, but looking back with the benefit of hindsight,  B.A.’s  own fashion sense left a great deal to be desired!

    Kaftans are not only 'kool', they are also comfortable and can be dressed up or down. A big unisex trend in the 70s,  the kaftan remains a popular and versatile  choice for every day wear, lounge wear, festival  and holiday wear.

    Whether you opt for a kaftan style top or tunic to wear with jeans, a knee length dress or a full length version, you are sure to find a kaftan that is 'kool' for you, with or without traditional embroidery and embellishment, in cotton or other cool fabrics, in a wide variety of colours.

    Here are some of our current stock favourites.

    70s full length embroidered kaftanfull length 70s kaftan

    Denim maxi kaftanfull length denim kaftan

    Black beaded kaftanblack kaftan

    Fuchsia kaftan style toppink kaftan top

    All together now!

    Fee fi fiddley dum
    I'm on the sitar tabla drum
    Fee fi fiddley dan
    Kool in the kaftan
    Love and peace man
    Fee fi fiddley di
    Three button t-shirt it's a tie-dye
    Fee fi fiddley dan
    Kool in the kaftan
    Love and peace man

    (Full lyrics available here)