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  • Keep calm, eat haggis, wear tartan, read Burns

    January 8, 2014

    eat haggis

    Burns Night is fast approaching when haggis and Scots frockery are obligatory for those who take their Bard's birthday seriously. So we thought we'd feature a few of our tartan treasures in advance of the celebration on 25th January.

    Rally Klad purple plaid suit

    Rally Klad purple plaid suit

    green plaid mohair tabard

    Vintage green plaid mohair tabard

    red tartan kilt skirt

    Royal Stuart tartan kilt skirt

    nova check tartan gloves

    black watch tartan gloves

    Nova check tartan gloves   &   Black Watch tartan gloves

    fred perry tartan shirt

    Fred Perry tartan shirt

    There's still time to brush up on your poetry...

    tam o'shanter

    Tam O'Shanter and his cuddie Meg

    For those with a keen interest  in Burns, may we also recommend a book shortly to be published by our friends at Stenlake Publishing in Ayrshire? Managing Director Richard Stenlake writes:

    "We are publishing Ann Matheson's 'The Essential Robert Burns' on 20th January. Ann is doing a presentation and book signing session at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Ayr on Saturday 25th January at 2 pm. This free event is by ticket only so if you'd like to attend please contact us. If you've never quite understood what all the fuss is about Burns then this event (and the book) are aimed at you! Ann is superb at explaining what the poems are about and why they are important. For those who have always found the Scots language (even Burns called it a dialect of English but it's now recognised as being a separate language) a bit hard to understand - there are full English translations for each poem. We have also been lucky enough to get permission from Irvine Burns Club to reproduce the manuscript of The Holy Fair in full and in colour in the book."

    essential robert burns

    We'll leave you with a (poor quality) 'selfie' of the chief frocker sporting her vintage Tinkers (before they became Pedlars) hotchpotch tartan trousers. The elasticated waistband is thankfully forgiving of large helpings of haggis!

    pedlars hotchpotch tartan trousers

  • To a haggis and our Bard

    January 25, 2013

    It's becoming something of a tradition that we mark Burns Night with a wee blog post in memory of our great Scots Bard, Robert Burns, so here we are again on what would have been his 254th birthday. How the years fly by between suppers!

    We have of course  already covered the Burns Supper routine in previous posts, but what of the man himself? From his pictures (and how cool were his clothes?) he cut a dashing figure and was certainly popular with the ladies. The Mirror  has helpfully reported some lesser known information about Rabbie, including the fact that the fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger is his great great great nephew and that his image appeared on a million commemorative Coca Cola bottles in 2009.

    And did you know you can even download a free app with 558 of  Burns's poems and love songs and a handy glossary of terms to help interpret the Scots dialect? Wonder what the Bard would've made of that?

    Burns was a keen observer of the natural world, his To A Mouse being one of our own favourite poems since childhood. And so it was that, in anticipation of Burns Night and equally inspired by the natural forces which had turned our town white overnight,  Johnny Frocker set out on a haggis hunting expedition the other day.

    johnny haggis hunting on skis

    Although he didn't come across any mice, or indeed a single haggis, he did manage to shoot a selection of other wildlife (with his camera) ...




    ... before picking up a ready prepared 'offal creature' from the local butcher's! 

    haggisImage credit: Wikipedia

    Our own chieftain o' the pudding race is presently chilling in the fridge, but since there has been more heavy snowfall overnight, we are gong to have to harness up the huskies to fetch the requisite accompaniments of neeps and tatties, along with some leeks for the soup. Fortunately we are not short in the malt department so will be enjoying a wee dram (or maybe two since it's Friday) a bit later.

    Naturally we'll be wearing our best  Scots frockery, the warmer the better! And for the haggis-hunting Henrys out there, we have this stylish vintage Drescott shooting jacket in stock.

    vintage shooting jacket

  • Chow mein gives way to haggis

    January 25, 2012

    The start of Chinese New Year has only just preceded Burns Night this year, so we are swiftly moving on from oodles of noodles to haggis with bashed neeps and tatties to celebrate the Bard's 253rd birthday. Now that's what we call a good innings!


    Burns Suppers are hosted all over Scotland and beyond on and around the 25th January. If you have never been to one, you are missing out on some wonderful entertainment, including the obligatory 'Address to a Haggis', the 'Immortal Memory' and 'To the Lassies' (with a response on behalf of said Lassies). There is frequently also a recitation of the marathon  Tam O'Shanter, traditional music and a fair few drams before singing  Auld Lang Syne and awaiting the carriages. Not forgetting, of course, the opportunity to dress up in all your finest tartan frockery for the occasion!

    tartan ball gown

  • Haggis, tatties and tartan frockery

    January 18, 2011

    As January rolls on by, we are looking forward to celebrating Burns Night on the 25th, when we will be enjoying traditional haggis, neeps and tatties, all washed down with a few drams.  Traditional tartan frockery will, of course, be de rigueur!

    Our favourite tartan item at the moment just has to be this 80s brown plaid jacket with cute velvet collar. Sadly it doesn't fit any of us, but is a snip at £20.

    brown plaid jacket

    We are also really liking these items from our Scots Frockery department:  green plaid Victorian blouse, tartan shift dress, cream Arran gilet.

    And just arrived this week, this retro red tartan dressing gown.

    red tartan dressing gown

    For anyone who fancies organising a traditional Burns Supper, or who just wants to know a bit about the Bard, check out this helpful guide at Rampant Scotland.

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  • Frockery flu

    January 24, 2010

    Apologies for the lack of recent frockery talk, but we have been battling off bouts of colds and flu here. Hopefully a few drams for Burns Night tomorrow will help see off the last of the lurgy and we can start looking forward to the first snowdrops of spring, as well as some spring in our own step!

    We have been incredibly busy this past month and would like to welcome all our lovely new customers and thank our equally lovely regulars for continuing to support us. We always appreciate your feedback and remember that, in the event that an item doesn’t fit or it isn’t suitable for any reason, you can be sure of a prompt refund.

    We have just added another selection of new stock, ranging from warm woolly jumpers to pretty party frocks, and we hope you’ll enjoy browsing through the site.  We will be sorting and cataloguing our latest arrivals this week, so do please keep dropping by the site by to see what’s new.

  • Slainte mhath!

    January 25, 2009

    Happy Burns Night to everyone! Here in Scotland, we are sporting traditional tartan frockery today as we celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Bard's birth and kick off our Year of Homecoming. Slainte mhath!