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  • Ascot addresses falling standards and rising hemlines

    June 20, 2012

    Despite the new, strictly imposed dress code at Royal Ascot, some serious fashion faux pas were still being committed by racegoers, judging by some of the frocky horror images accompanying news reports on the subject.

    Although free pashminas and hats were being proffered by the purple linen clad fashion police on a stop and search mission designed to deny entry to the less than thoroughbred elements, the going was obviously tough as a few of the more racy types were still managing to display sufficient bare (and tattooed) flesh to frighten the horses.

    One can always rely on the Daily Mail to focus on the twin perils of falling standards and rising hemlines, and sure enough, they dutifully showcased a selection of the most unbecoming sartorial choices and wackiest headgear .

    Take a look at the images in the linked article and we're sure you'll agree some of these folk would be much more at home in the Big Top.

  • Juicy Future

    January 24, 2012

    We were at first unsure as to whether the incursion of orange and tangerine into high street stores and fashion websites was a figment of our own over-orange imagination.

    But sure enough, the diagnosis was confirmed by the aptly named Amber, who provided the evidence on her Fashion Police blog in full glorious (depending on your point of view)  technicolour.

    So it's official: the future's orange and distinctly juicy.

    With that in mind, we thought we would flaunt a selection of our own finest orange frockery which we hope you will find 'a-peeling'.

    Top Shop burnt orange cord jacket

    burnt orange cord jacket

    Vintage orange maxi kaftan coat

    vintage orange kaftan coatTangerine print smock top

    tangerine print smock top

    Vintage orange maxi dress

    vintage orange maxi dress

    Burnt orange leather coat

    orange leather coat

    Tangerine tank top

    tangerine tank top

    Finally, one that recently got away: Vibrant vintage orange print maxi dress.

    vintage orange print maxi dress

  • Supporting Shoeperwoman

    April 9, 2011

    Followers of our blog will know that Amber McNaught, who kindly judged our eco-fashion challenge back in February, is one of the brains and all of the beauty (sorry Terry!) behind the Midas Media blogging network, which boasts such popular and successful brands as ShoeperwomanThe Fashion Police and Hey Doll Face

    We just love her originality, her writing flair, her knowledge and her great taste in fashion, most especially shoes, and we thoroughly enjoy keeping up with her personal fashion adventures via her blogs, as well as the antics of her husband Terry and their cute pet dog Reuben.

    It therefore came as something of a shock to learn that her established Shoeperwoman brand has been copied by someone else in the UK, who has recently launched an identically named blog, Facebook page and allied ecommerce site.

    The similarities don't end with the name, either, and Amber feels understandably upset that her concept, which she has worked hard to build into a successful brand, has apparently been hijacked. Imitation may well be the sincerest form of flattery, but it could be profoundly damaging in this case.

    You can read Amber's account on the real Shoeperwoman blog here and an update here. She has our full support and we hope the dispute can be resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  • Frocky horror, or style sensation?

    August 11, 2010

    Like Marmite, you will either love or hate this shimmery blue 1980s jumpsuit / flying suit which we have just added to the catalogue. To be frank, the jury is still out at Frockery Towers, but it can certainly be described as sensational and is not for the faint hearted fashionista.  Abba aficionadas , come on down!

    8os flying suit jumpsuit

    One which didn’t quite make the catalogue (as a Facebook fan snapped it up) was this psychedelic 60s number, which has apparently already caused a sensation in the customer’s local Asda. The George clothing line can’t quite compete with original vintage!

    Those who aren’t quite ready to embrace such 'in your face' fashion need have no fear, however, as we have something for everyone at The Frockery, where our focus is on finding new homes for all those previously ‘must have’ items that have turned into ‘has beens’  and found themselves relegated to the back of  wardrobes or abandoned in attics, sometimes for decades.

    Take a look at the fab frockery in our latest update and you will find some exceedingly wearable vintage and retro fashion, as well as a huge selection of preloved contemporary clothing and accessories at a fraction of their original cost.  Don’t be fooled  by the fickle fashion police into following the crowd when you can mix and match pre-owned items  to achieve a unique look at an affordable price.  Throw off these high street chains and be a retro trendsetter!

    One serious story that caught our eye this week was this Observer investigation which revealed that some of the best known names on the UK high street have been dealing, albeit unknowingly, with suppliers who run sweatshop operations in India in blatant contravention of local working regulations and the industry's ethical trading initiative (ETI). Another good reason to buy fair trade, hand made, local or vintage.