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  • The Summer of Pre-Loved

    May 31, 2017
    In the summer of 1967 up to 100.000 hippies, also known as 'flower children', converged on the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco to spread messages of peace and love in protest against the Vietnam war, and in the words of Timothy Leary, to 'turn on, tune in, drop out'.
  • Get ready for the festival, Josephine

    April 17, 2011

    "Get ready for the festival", John Otway wrote in one of his best loved 70s songs, Josephine.

    Well, if you are planning on taking in a festival or two this year, how about one of these fab vintage frocks which have just arrived in stock and will transport you right back to the 70s? We love them, but alas they don't fit any of us frockers and so they are seeking new appreciative homes.

    First up, this stunning 70s vintage maxi dress in an amazing multicoloured psychedelic print, which has an unusual racer / halter neck with back button fastening. It's a size UK10 and priced at £22.

    70s festival maxi dress

    Next we have this equally eye catching 70s vintage maxi dress in a bold multicoloured floral print with a self-tying halter neck. This one is a smaller size UK6/8 and also priced at £22.

    70s festival maxi dress

    We always have a good selection of 70s frockery in the catalogue and even have a dedicated boho festival section in our Get the Look department. Do have a browse and see what takes your fancy.

    Meanwhile, if you are in the vicinity of Oxford on May Day morning (very early) you will find Otway singing Josephine with members of his band. If, like us, you prefer to keep to more civilised hours, do keep an eye on his gig list for performances throughout the country, including the Edinburgh Fringe in August. Once seen, never forgotten!

    Get ready for the festival, for the festival is only once a year.

    Raise your glasses in the air and fill the barrels full of beer.

    Mother Nature wave a wand over this lady's hand

    May her reign mean a good year on the land.

    And the legend Josephine,

    the blond blue-eyes May Queen

    Spent the night in the arms of her lover the day before the crown,

    Gifts and flowers by her bed

    Tired eyes and sleepy head.

    Stay warm till the morning calls you in.

    And the crowd scream Josephine our Mayday eyes are on you.

    And the people sing and drown in wine

    To crown the Queen of Springtime.

  • Fringe frockery

    August 13, 2010

    There's nowhere quite like the Edinburgh Fringe!

  • Bohemian rhapsody

    August 1, 2010

    Our latest featured Boho Festival look  is one of our own Frockery favourites and is especially popular at the height of the summer festival season.

    Boho has become an enduring trend that has managed to defy the vagaries of the fickle fashion industry for the past decade and looks set to continue.

    Although Kate Moss was  arguably first to embrace the current incarnation of boho chic,  Sienna Miller was largely responsible for reinventing this quintessentially 70s look and bringing back the bohemian to our wardrobes.

    The Monsoon  brand, which has both ethical and ethnic inspired fashion at its core and is the epitome of boho chic on the high street, continues to grow in both popularity and profitability,  replicating the success of Laura Ashley in the  original boho era, the early 70s.

    Boho is not always easy on the eye, encompassing at it does a cacophony of colours and plethora of prints, but it is an easy look to create and equally easy to wear. While money may be no object to Sienna and friends, boho budget chic is also easy to achieve for the rest of  us ordinary fashionistas.

    Here is one example look from our catalogue:  boho ethnic maxi skirt (£15); boho green linen top (£9); Moroccan leather bag (£10); wooden boho earrings (£5), ethnic leather mules (£8). And you must never forget the festival wellies (£12)!