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  • Boho is back!

    April 11, 2017
    Although the chief frocker still owns the scarf in the above pic, the alpaca jumper didn't manage to stand the pace or heat (of the washing machine) and the poodle perm didn't survive past the early 80s. This look would have been complemented by her prized Afghan maxi coat - purchased with her first Edinburgh law student grant in 1974 - had it not been stolen from an all-night party in Stirling in 1977.
  • The Frockery celebrates 10 years in business

    April 4, 2017
    Tomorrow (5th April) marks a major milestone for the Frockery as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of founding our family business. If you don't already know our history, you can read all about our green roots here.
  • Frockery eco-fashion challenge winners 2017

    March 12, 2017

    frockery challenge

    A big thank you to all who took part in our seventh Frockery eco-fashion challenge. A lot of frocks have passed through the shop since our first eco-fest in 2011, which was prompted by our being knee deep in snow, with an non-mobile frockmobile  and severely disrupted postal services. Although February 2017 was a great deal  milder weather wise, the lingering financial hangover from the festive season has always been an incentive for most of us  to embark on an economy drive. And what better way to  save money and the planet than vaunting the vintage, rocking the retro, celebrating the second hand and paying homage to the hand made?

    As ever this year, there was a stunning array of stylish outfits, creativity and storytelling on display throughout our month-long challenge as our eco-fashionistas strutted their selfies on our Facebook group, and we all enjoyed hearing about everyone's bargain buys and the stories behind their awesome ensembles.

    Although Judge Janice had to stand down from active duty this year due to other commitments, she has still been keeping an eye on us! The unenviable task meanwhile fell to our two remaining judges, who said they had really struggled to come to a final decision. But after much chivvying, the chief frocker has at last been passed the results (which have been double checked in order to avoid any Oscars-style faux pas!) Each of the winners will receive £50 of frockery of their choice from our catalogue, so please just drop us an email with your selections.

    So this year’s winners are....

    Vintage category: Catherine Low

    It was a privilege to see several unique vintage pieces made by a lady called Alberta grace our virtual catwalk, courtesy of their new owner Catherine, who also shared a host of  quirky and colourful looks and some incredible bargain buys. She explained: "When we bought an old house in Stromness, which was full of very old boatbuilder and blacksmithing jumble, I found in the bottom of a wardrobe a carefully packed box full of dresses.It turns out the sister (Alberta) of the former owner of the house had a tragic love story and became a recluse, never leaving the house until she died. She had a love of dressmaking and most of the dresses we're hand made. They all fit me really well, so will feature in a few more eco challenge pics, no doubt. I loved washing the dresses and hanging them out and I love wearing them - I feel Alberta would be pleased."

    vintage winner

    “I think the dress in the pic is from 1940s? I have a red rose and brown shoes ( the rose is another 10p goody from the local Ballater Clan shop and the shoes were a Christmas present last year from my second son."

    vintage winner

    "Another of Alberta's frocks. This one is made from raw silk and again is hand made. Early 50s? I also have black Ted Baker heels on from Red Cross Ballater."

    vintage winner

    "I buy a bright green dress and on the way out of the shop catch sight of an orange pashmina and still have change from a fiver. Looking a bit like the flag of India here - Namaste!"

    Preloved category: Suki Fitzgerald

    Suki showcased a selection of stunning outfits during the challenge, mixing charity shop bargains with hand-me-downs and customised Star Wars creations.

    preloved winner

    Ooh la la! "Dress and bolero were bought in a second hand shop in Paris for €2 each. Vintage necklace was a 21st birthday present (sadly a good few years ago now!)"

    preloved winner

    "My charity shop dress, £5. Necklace was charity shop too, £3. Secondhand cardigan, £1."

    preloved winner

    "Star Wars Comic-con outfits. Not exactly fashion, but they were eco - I made my hooded poncho out of our old duvet cover, and all other clothing was sourced from charity shops (total around £15) and then adapted/altered. I stitched everything by hand as I have no sewing machine -it took ages!"

    Hand made category: Ali Thomson

    Ali was inspired to learn to sew for the Frockery challenge and shared her progress and the results of her first project with us. Bravo! She said: "I got lots of lovely material from the Freecycle website and decided to take up sewing. I took a 6 week course at my local Arts Centre in East Kilbride and learned the basics. The Frockery challenge brought out my creative side and here are the results. I have thoroughly enjoyed making this dress, except for the neck line which was probably a bit ambitious for a beginner. But I'm delighted with the result. My 22 year old daughter has asked me to make her one – just not in that dodgy pattern! Thanks Frockery, it might be my first clothing project but it certainly won't be my last."

    hand made winner

    hand made winner

    The cutting room floor

    hand made winner's helper

    Canine helper sporting a stylish knitted coat

    hand made winner

    Ta da! The finished reult.

    Special award: Annick Breugelmans

    In addition, a special award, in the form  of a vintage brooch, goes to the lovely Annick, who impressed with her versatile style, colour combinations and accessories. We even learned about 'Larp' ( live action roleplay) events, where participants dress up and act out a character in prewritten scenarios (which gave the chief frocker an idea for a future challenge!) Although Annick is not UK-based, we decided to bend our own rules on this occasion.

    special award

    "Handmade jewelry. Red top - uniform from a folk dance festival that we got to keep. Dress from the bargain bin (-75%) because of some loose seams ( easily mended). Tights bought by my sister as a touch of colour for a certain outfit, but passed along to me without wearing because she found them too colourful. Shoes were a birthday gift 2 years ago."

    special award

    "Skirt bought in a closing sale about at half price about 10 years ago. Tights and long sleeve newly bought. Earrings bought on an outlet and flash sales website. Shrug passed down from a colleague along with some other clothes. Boots as seen before."

    Everyone is of course a winner and we'll look forward to doing it all again next year!


  • Metallic guru, is it you?

    December 1, 2016
    Marc Bolan was one of the chief frocker's heroes when glam rock was in the ascendant and Metal Guru stormed the charts in 1972. Oh, how we all cried when Marc died in 1977, but his legacy of metallics, lurid lurex and glitter remained de rigueur throughout the decade for a night out at the disco.
  • 'Tis the season for seeing red

    November 21, 2016

    As the Christmas season approaches, the annual descent into collective chaos is already upon us and we are beginning to see red. Trees are appearing in windows in the third week of November; supermarkets are replete with mince pies and party-ready platters; Jingle Bells and Slade have begun their relentless assault on our eardrums; and we are expected to remain merry throughout - all the while shopping until we drop. Even the turkeys who didn't vote for Christmas seem glad to be heading for the exit now that the advent countdown has been triggered.

    But we are also seeing red in a good way with a selection of Christmas crackers en rouge from our catalogue, none of which will land you in the red at this expensive time of year!

    vintage red jumper with pilgrim collar

    Vintage red jumper with Pilgrim collar 

    80s vintage red feminella blouse

    80s Feminella blouse with fancy lace front

    vintage red mohair slouch cardigan

    80s vintage red moahir slouch cardigan

    Royal Scot red mohair shawl

    Royal Scot red mohair shawl

    altare red leather gloves

    Altare red leather gloves

    red devore fringed cocktail dress

     Red devore fringed cocktail dress

    vintage monsoon berry red velvet dress

     Vintage Monsoon berry red velvet coktail dress with back bow

    berry red jersey maxi dress

    Berry red jersey hostess maxi dress

    laura ashley red suede shoes

    Laura Ashley red suede slingbacks

    red velveteen shos with bows

     Red velveteen shoes with bows

    red velveteen dressing gown

    Red velveteen dressing gown

    80s red leatherette bag

    Cute 80s red faux leather handbag

    red vanity weekend case

     60s mod vanity overnight case

    Look out for lots more in our Simply Red section!

  • Celebrate the 70s for less!

    July 5, 2016
    We are celebrating the Seventies this summer with a 15% discount code which will be valid for all online purchases from our 70s vintage frockery department until Sunday 10 July. To take advantage of this offer, please just enter the code SEVENTIES at our checkout and the discount will be automatically applied.