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  • Horses for courses: hats, heels and stable staples

    April 10, 2015

    here comes summer

    K Frocker enjoying the sunshine

    The sun has made a welcome re-appearance in these parts, which has not only helped brighten everyone's mood but has also encouraged us all to look out the summer frockery that has been patiently awaiting the arrival of warmer weather at the back of our wardrobes - or, in the case of our more organised sisters, in carefully packed storage boxes labelled 'summer clothes'  (that's so not us!)

    Having just received a reminder about the upcoming Perth Races, we thought we'd put together a look for Ladies Day on 14th May, which raises money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. It promises to be a fabulous event with live music, entertainment and first class hospitality to complement the afternoon's racing. It is also the perfect excuse to glam up in posh frocks, hats and heels, not least of all because there are prizes for the Best Dressed Lady, Best Dressed Male and Best Hat.

    perth races ladies day

    Enjoying Ladies Day (Image credit: Perth Races)

    Of course you don't need to spend a fortune to achieve the wow factor (and possibly carry off the top £1000 prize!)  Our featured race outfit combination comprises an elegant pink peplum bow front dress by Dorothy Perkins (a snip at just £20), accessorised with an ivory brimmed hat with faux flower trim (from our own collection, but this Peter Bettley beauty would also turn heads!) and an Episode ivory crochet fringed stole.

    day at the races ladies day outfit

    day at the races outfit

    We absolutely love these Capollini ivory ribbon tie high heeled ivory sandals and the faux ostrich handbag is just the right size to to hold the requisite paraphernalia (and winnings!) on your day at the races. Don't forget the pearls and sunnies!

    day at the races outfit

    day at the races outfit

    You'll find more ideas in our Day at the Races section!

    Talking of horses, two of the frockers are going riding next month for the first time in years (decades, actually) and will need to don some suitable stable staples so that we look the part when we get on (and hopefully don't fall off) our cuddies!  We'll post pics as evidence at a later date, but here's one possible outfit from our catalogue that might fit the occasion without breaking the bank.

    snowgoose padded jacket

    Snowgoose padded jacket

    moschino indigo jeans

    Moschino indigo denim jeans

    red guernsey sleeveless cardigan

    Red Guernsey sleeveless cardigan

    faded blue denim shirt

    Faded blue denim shirt

    black leather riding boots

    Black leather riding style boots

    equine tooled leather belt

    Equine tooled leather belt

    You can also check out our Country Life section for more ideas!

    And finally, our Grand National favourite this year (for no particular reason) is:  Night in Milan.

  • Ascot addresses falling standards and rising hemlines

    June 20, 2012

    Despite the new, strictly imposed dress code at Royal Ascot, some serious fashion faux pas were still being committed by racegoers, judging by some of the frocky horror images accompanying news reports on the subject.

    Although free pashminas and hats were being proffered by the purple linen clad fashion police on a stop and search mission designed to deny entry to the less than thoroughbred elements, the going was obviously tough as a few of the more racy types were still managing to display sufficient bare (and tattooed) flesh to frighten the horses.

    One can always rely on the Daily Mail to focus on the twin perils of falling standards and rising hemlines, and sure enough, they dutifully showcased a selection of the most unbecoming sartorial choices and wackiest headgear .

    Take a look at the images in the linked article and we're sure you'll agree some of these folk would be much more at home in the Big Top.

  • Old hat?

    May 14, 2012

    We do love vintage hats and have found them to be popular purchases at vintage fairs, as well as from our online shop (whence they are dispatched in often unconventional packaging, from cornflake cartons to biscuit tins!)

    The various head topping pieces listed in our current catalogue represent but the tip of a much larger iceberg of old hattery which can be found at the Frockery, a selection of which is pictured below. Some of these pieces are for sale, some are for hire, some are used for styling, shows and photo shoots, and a few we just like to keep for ourselves.

    frockery vintage hats

     Meet Arabella, who has graced our antique sideboard for many years. Her current choice of hat is a vintage navy felt number with veil and fabulous feather flourish. Rather oversized for her small head, but we think it still suits her.

    arabella in vintage hat

    We even have a vintage wooden hat stretcher which has been mistaken, on more than one occasion, for a thumb-screwing instrument of torture. Occasionally we wonder what sort of reputation must precede us, but we can assure you we are entirely harmless, old hat loving frockers!

    vintage hat stretcher

  • Mad hattery

    May 23, 2011

    Whether it's for a wedding, a christening, a day at the races or even just to disguise a bad hair day, a hat can make a world of difference to an outfit.

    As was evident at the royal wedding, hats come in all shapes, sizes and degrees of ugliness, and probably the kindest thing that can be said of Beatrice's bizarre bonce topper is that it raised a lot of money for charity. Mad hattery indeed!

    Meanwhile, here at the Frockery we have a selection of hats in stock which are guaranteed to turn heads, none of which have a Philip Treacy price tag. Here are a few of our current favourites.

    In the pink

    pink vintage hat

    Tempting in turquoise

    turquoise 80s hat

    Seeing red

    red vintage 80s hat

    Back to black

    black 80s hat


    peach hat

    Or cream

    cream vintage hat

    For more millinery inspiration, we'd recommend dropping by Off With Her Head where you'll find some truly awesome vintage inspired creations, all hand made by the lovely Lisa.

    You've got a head, so get a hat! Or a fascinator, even. But not a pretzel, please.