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  • Skins for the skint

    September 3, 2011

    The Frockers are well known for their love of leather, so we were naturally delighted to see it emerge (yet again!) as one of the key looks for the season. Full-on or more subtle accents in leather, faux leather or suede are de rigueur, whether you want to achieve biker chic, rock chick, elegant sophisticate or anything in between.

    Perusing some of the offerings from eye-watering high end to more reasonable high street, we were struck by how many similar pieces were already firm fixtures in our own wardrobe and how many examples we have in our catalogue at prices that will neither make your eyes water nor your credit card melt. Skins for the skint, you might say!

    Take Balenciaga's wool and faux leather pencil skirt, for example (if you can afford the £445, that is), and compare it with our Llinares black pencil skirt with embellished leather cummerbund pictured below (a mere snip at £16). For the mathematically inclined, that makes it more than 96% cheaper.

    black pencil skirt with leather cummerbund

    black pencil skirt with leather cummerbund Moving to the high street, compare this beige leather skirt from River Island (£54.99) with our equivalent soft cream leather skirt  pictured below at only £18! It's a veritable no brainer for 'careful' Scots like us! cream leather skirt We honestly have lots of leather and suede in stock, far more than is currently featured in our online catalogue, so please let us know if you are looking for a particular style and we'll try to help. We even have a suede cowgirl outfit lurking somewhere!

    Meanwhile, may we point you towards these tight reptile leathertrousers which are just the ticket for skinnier skin lovers?

    reptile leather trousers

    And last but not least, that hardy perennial, the vintage black leather biker jacket.

    black leather biker jacket

    We just love leather!

  • We love leather!

    November 13, 2010

    We've all heard that bad joke: Why do men like women in leather? Because they smell like new cars. But seriously....there is something quite special about leather that ensures its return, season after season, to the front line of fashion.

    Leather is hard wearing, long lasting and often improves with age. It is worn by men and women from across the social, age and size spectrum (albeit unwisely in some cases, it must be said!)  Depending on how and by whom it is worn, it can be practical, sophisticated, sexy, classy or downright daring. Aspiring Emma Peels, Goths, rockers, bikers, steampunk devotees and burlesque babes all love leather, and so do we!

    Vintage biker jackets and boots, leather trousers, skirts and waistcoats are perennial Frockery favourites, while suede leather can cross the boundaries into boho chic. We have just added a dedicated leather section to our Get the Look department, so be sure to have a browse. And we have several more coats, jackets, skirts and trousers in our stock room, which will be making an appearance in the catalogue soon.

    Red  leather  always makes a statement

    red leather

    Alison embarrasses her children by donning a black leather dress (but only for a dare!)

    black leather

    This 80s shearling jacket is as warm as toast

    shearling jacket

    And finally, doesn't he (still) wear it well?

    Mat Sargent sham 69

    This is Mat Sargent of Sham 69 and Splodgenessabounds, a cheeky chappie who really rocks the black leather look.  He isn't just a pretty face, either. Check out his  work on the Sex, Drugs & HIV project, for which he has written 40 original songs and involved 250 big name  musicians over many years in raising money for the Terrence Higgins Trust, Cancer Research and Rape Crisis charities. Their double CD is due for release on December 1st (World Aids Day) 2010 and we think it would make a perfect stocking filler. Keep on rocking, Mat!