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  • Not socks again, Santa! (reprise)

    December 10, 2013

    We've covered this topic before in a previous Not socks again, Santa! post, but since finding a suitable Christmas, or indeed any other occasion, gift for the man or men in your life can often be a frustrating task for even the most seasoned shopper, we thought a seasonal reprise would be in order.

    When you are uninspired by the same old mass produced 'predictables' from chain stores and want to find something a little bit different -  all the while still watching the budget - that task becomes even more daunting.

    Cue the Frockery (we would say that, wouldn't we!) for some affordable vintage inspired and eminently useful accessories that will put a smile on any man's face on Christmas morning.

    How about some Mad Men red or pink vintage button braces? Only a tenner each, you can't go wrong!

    mad men red vintage button braces pink vintage button braces

    Mod style is hotter than ever and a vintage scarf will be a welcome addition to the wardrobe of the discerning male fashionista. We especially like this mustard paisley fringed scarf and this pure silk maroon patterned version.

    mustard paisley fringed mod scarf mens patterned silk scarf

    We also stock vintage ties, from designer Hermès to 70s kipper!

    Hermès designer silk tie  70s vintage kipper tie

    From stylish cravat to vintage velvet bow.

    red patterned cravat vintage velvet bow tie

    For more gift ideas for him indoors (and outdoors), do check out our Menswear Department.

  • Fast fashion for men

    May 21, 2008

    Fast Fashion is something the men in our lives do well.

    They enter a shop, usually the first one they come to, look quickly through the rails until they find the type of garment they need in what they consider to be an inoffensive style/colour and in their size, pay quickly (sometimes muttering “how much?” under their breath) and leave.

    None of the “does my bum look big in this?”, or wasting time and effort trying things on, let alone making a considered decision as to what might suit them. It’s simply a chore that has to be completed as painlessly as possible when their best jumper gets felted or all their shirts have turned a murky shade of pink after they have inadvertently left a red sock in the washing machine.

    It can of course be worse when they make a determined effort to be fashionable and their ‘trying too hard’ results are in evidence on high streets everywhere. Unlike the majority of women, however, they don’t lack confidence and have far fewer hang ups about the way they look, which can only be good.

    With apologies to all the many fashionable and style conscious men out there, some of whom shop at The Frockery!