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  • Rockers of ages: Quo at the Mo

    May 24, 2014

    STATUS QUO ROCK THE MOstatus quo mofest van werninck studio

    Image credit: Van Werninck Studio, Montrose

    Listening to Status Quo's newly released Piledriver album back in 1972 in her best friend's bedroom, the future chief frocker (who was then, inexplicably, planning a career in the law) and her chum were already confirmed teenage rockers. The 'denimic' duo, whose days were reluctantly spent in school uniforms translating Latin texts (very badly in one case) and struggling with the intricacies of differential calculus, worshipped the Quo above all others. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that, 42 years later, Messrs Rossi and Parfitt would be belting out Paper Plane live in an outdoor arena within earshot and in full view of that same Montrose bedroom window!

    status quo mofest tickets

    As soon as Status Quo was confirmed as this years' headline act for the Montrose Music Festival, the lifelong friends just knew they had to be there, along with a selection of their middle aged contemporaries (and even some embarrassed offspring), to watch their heroes perform  a storming 90 minute set on the East Links. Fortunately, it was a pretty mild Mo night with none of the usual gale force winds and not a drop of rain, so  the crowd relished every chord, note and beat (including an awesome drum solo) delivered by the vintage rock legends. Head banging may have been de rigueur, but pogo-ing had to be strongly resisted by some of the older rockers amongst us due to bad knees and previous experiences (plural) of requiring assistance from emergency services. *

    mofest shop window

    status quo newspaperstatuse quo window

    Local shops get in on the act with music themed window displays

    It was a real coup for the organisers to attract such a big name to such a small seaside town festival, which in just six years has grown to become a family-friendly favourite.  Save for the opening headline acts, which in previous years have included the Average White Band, the Proclaimers, Dr Feelgood and Eddi Reader, there is free entry to all the pubs hosting live music of all genres on the festival circuit, making it the biggest and best free music festival in Scotland.

    So now the Quo have finally made it to Mo, the band who opened LiveAid back in 1985 really can boast that they've been Rockin' all over the world!

    * UPDATE: While one of our concert party claims she feels 30 years younger thanks to Status Quo (probably because she didn't end up in A&E for a third time with torn ligaments after an over-energetic dance performance) , another has texted to say that her body feels "broken", and the chief frocker has partially lost the use of her legs. It was, however, well worth it!


  • First class service and a mention in dispatches

    December 12, 2012

    We couldn't run our business successfully without using the services of the Post Office and Royal Mail who deliver the majority of our orders. They are by far the best value carrier for the items we sell (although we confess to using couriers for wholesale and bigger orders as the numbers just wouldn't add up otherwise).

    What's more, we have had no parcels go missing over the past year (we always use a signed for service) and the very few that have been delayed have all turned up at the correct destination or have eventually been returned to us as undeliverable. That's surely not too bad a record!

    Since we are such a small operation, we take our parcels to the post office ourselves on a daily basis for dispatch to customers in all corners of the UK and a variety of overseas destinations. We also use the post office for business banking as it is so convenient.

    Our local Forfar post office in West High Street  is where we conduct most of our business and has the advantage of being only five minutes walk from Frockery HQ with a large car park close by for when things get heavy (including the rain!) That means we have got to know the staff pretty well and we feel they deserve a bit of appreciation at the end of another busy year as they service the seasonally long queues and keep on smiling in the face of adversity, which unfortunately includes some unseasonal grumpiness from a minority of customers.

    So a big thank you from the Frockers for another year of first class service to the delightful Diane, the fabulous Frances, the lovely Elizabeth and jaunty young John! You know all of our business (but in a nice way).

    first class post office mugs

    While we are obviously loyal to Forfar, sometimes we venture into other post offices of necessity when we are out and about on Frockery business, and a few of these notably go the extra mile for their customers.

    When in Dundee, we make a point of using either Blackness Road or Arklay Street post offices as both have friendly, helpful and efficient staff and we can park easily. We have also noticed on more than one occasion how patient they are with elderly and disabled customers.

    The main Arbroath post office, which is installed in Haq's newsagents, is another favourite as we are often in the town, it is easily accessible and the staff are invariably polite and helpful. Montrose and Brechin are the other two Angus towns whose post offices we use on an occasional basis and, although there are sometimes sizeable queues towards the end of the day, we have no complaints about the service from either.

    Finally, we feel that Laurencekirk post office deserves a special mention in dispatches (literally!) since the most recent consignment we sent from there (last week, during a blizzard) was delivered to a happy customer in London at 9am the very next day! It's a recently refurbished shop and post office combo and the staff and locals always have time for a chat, belying the town's undeserved 'mile of misery' reputation! Our outgoing parcels fared bettter than us, as it happens, as we thought we might be there for the duration when the frockmobile got stuck in the snow and had to be dug out by three beauticians from Pamper Zone (who didn't break a nail between them) and an obliging man with a truck load of grit.

    Wanna break out of the city to search for adventure? * Visit Laurencekirk! Looking for an efficient service with a smile and good humour? Visit any of the above. And it's well worth remembering that if we don't use them (for stamps, passport services, banking, road tax and the myriad of services they provide locally), we could lose more of our local post offices which provide a vital lifeline service for small communities.

    * We are proud to have frocked Barrie Masters, legendary lead singer of Eddie and the Hot Rods! (Shameless self promotion, we know, but every little helps)

  • Raspberry festival,1959

    November 20, 2012

    We just had to share this British Pathé video link depicting the Raspberry Festival in Montrose, Angus, in 1959.


    The chef frocker spent her early childhood in a small village five miles outside the north east Scotland town and was once left in her pushchair outside Woolworths while her mum and aunt got the bus home without her.  How could they when she looked this cute?


    Although slightly too young to have appeared in the very vintage footage above, Alison's mum may possibly have made the costumes for the tutu-clad tots on the ballet school float around 2.45m in. The original and unique principal of the Esk Academy of Dancing, Miss Beryl Couper, is still going strong after 58 years in the ballet business and putting the latest generation of young dancers through their paces. Alison has treasured memories of her 1960s cygnet role in Swan Lake and not so fond memories of pointe shoe blistered feet!

    Berry picking in the summer and tattie howking in the autumn (for which local schools closed for a fortnight  - and still do every October) not only kept all of us local youngsters gainfully occupied and healthy in the great outdoors, but also supplemented the pocket money nicely.

    Here's another wonderful British Pathé video (no sound) from the following year which brings back happy memories of a carefree childhood and we're all still loving that 50s and 60s fashion!