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  • Ascot addresses falling standards and rising hemlines

    June 20, 2012

    Despite the new, strictly imposed dress code at Royal Ascot, some serious fashion faux pas were still being committed by racegoers, judging by some of the frocky horror images accompanying news reports on the subject.

    Although free pashminas and hats were being proffered by the purple linen clad fashion police on a stop and search mission designed to deny entry to the less than thoroughbred elements, the going was obviously tough as a few of the more racy types were still managing to display sufficient bare (and tattooed) flesh to frighten the horses.

    One can always rely on the Daily Mail to focus on the twin perils of falling standards and rising hemlines, and sure enough, they dutifully showcased a selection of the most unbecoming sartorial choices and wackiest headgear .

    Take a look at the images in the linked article and we're sure you'll agree some of these folk would be much more at home in the Big Top.

  • A day at the races

    June 14, 2011

    Royal Ascot has opened today with its splendid combination of racing, royalty and fashion interest. The sun is shining and the bets are on, along with the hats and posh frocks.

    Big statement hats seem to be in back in vogue and an array of head turning outfits in a multitude of colours  is in evidence as we watch proceedings from our sofa 500 miles away. The Queen is in pale green and Beatrice seems to have learned her lesson when it comes to mad hattery, having ditched the pretzel look for something a little more becoming. Just as well it isn't raining with all these open carriages as hats can turn very soggy (we type from experience).

    Some of our own finest frockery will be making an appearance at Ascot again this year, mainly from our dress and millinery departments, as our discerning customers like to dress up without breaking the bank in the process.

    Royals and celebrities may have unlimited budgets, but the rest of us have no need to pay top designer prices, or look like also-rans, to stand out from the crowd, although you need to watch out for the strict dress codes if you have tickets for the more exclusive Royal Ascot enclosures.

    Why not check out some of our suggestions of fine, yet affordable, frockery for A Day at the Races? This sumptuous pink silk dress from Fenn Wright and Manson, which still has its shop tags attached, is just one example from our current catalogue.

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