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  • Small Business Saturday 2016

    December 4, 2016
    Yesterday was Small Business Saturday 2016 and we had already made a conscious decision to support our local traders (including locally-based online traders) during the run-up to Christmas rather than heading to our nearest city, which tends to tempt footfall away from Forfar, most especially at weekends.
  • Grand designs on zero waste

    August 31, 2015

    zero waste love your clothes

    As part of its campaign to ‘show consumers the true value of their discarded clothing’, Zero Waste Scotland, in partnership with the Salvation Army Trading Company Limited, is offering two exciting 12 week paid internship opportunities for a fashion designer and a textile designer to create new collections from post-consumer, donated clothing.

    Zero Waste Scotland’s textiles manager Lynn Wilson said:

    “This exciting new project with the Salvation Army Trading Company aims to show Scots the true value of their clothes and how, with a little love and attention, the item they may intend to throw out could in fact be turned in to something more valuable for the current or new owner. It’s also a terrific opportunity for designers based in Scotland, so please send us your applications now.”

    The Salvation Army Trading Company has 52 charity shops in Scotland as well as thousands of recycling banks. Each year they receive around 30,000 tonnes of donated textiles in the UK, which helps raise vital funds for the charity’s work.

    Forming part of the Love Your Clothes campaign, the two selected designers will have to choose 150kg of fabric from the 5 tonne selection of unwanted clothing. Once the internships are complete, each new collection will be individually and independently valued to demonstrate how much revenue could be created and saved through a closed loop circular economy.

    Further information can be found on the Zero Waste Scotland website.


  • The Scottish X Factor final

    September 18, 2014

    Forth Bridge

    Quite a few customers have noticed that we are based in Scotland (hey, we don't hide it!) so on the day of the Scottish X Factor popular 'vote', we may as well mention the R word.

    To the concerned customer who asked about ordering if there's a yes vote in the referendum, we can confirm we'll still be open for business in the usual currency on Friday!

    As a small family run business, whose customers are predominantly 'next door' in England, we obviously have to 'ca' canny' in times of uncertainty and will consider the best options for ourselves and our customers as things become clearer. Our crystal ball is still a bit hazy.

    We can, however,  assure you all that there will be no interruption to our service, whoever receives the most Xs in today's final. Although we many not harbour any grand aspirations for a Christmas No. 1, we certainly plan on continuing to rock and frock the vintage hit parade while  earning our customers' votes of confidence!


    rock n roll


  • To a haggis and our Bard

    January 25, 2013

    It's becoming something of a tradition that we mark Burns Night with a wee blog post in memory of our great Scots Bard, Robert Burns, so here we are again on what would have been his 254th birthday. How the years fly by between suppers!

    We have of course  already covered the Burns Supper routine in previous posts, but what of the man himself? From his pictures (and how cool were his clothes?) he cut a dashing figure and was certainly popular with the ladies. The Mirror  has helpfully reported some lesser known information about Rabbie, including the fact that the fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger is his great great great nephew and that his image appeared on a million commemorative Coca Cola bottles in 2009.

    And did you know you can even download a free app with 558 of  Burns's poems and love songs and a handy glossary of terms to help interpret the Scots dialect? Wonder what the Bard would've made of that?

    Burns was a keen observer of the natural world, his To A Mouse being one of our own favourite poems since childhood. And so it was that, in anticipation of Burns Night and equally inspired by the natural forces which had turned our town white overnight,  Johnny Frocker set out on a haggis hunting expedition the other day.

    johnny haggis hunting on skis

    Although he didn't come across any mice, or indeed a single haggis, he did manage to shoot a selection of other wildlife (with his camera) ...




    ... before picking up a ready prepared 'offal creature' from the local butcher's! 

    haggisImage credit: Wikipedia

    Our own chieftain o' the pudding race is presently chilling in the fridge, but since there has been more heavy snowfall overnight, we are gong to have to harness up the huskies to fetch the requisite accompaniments of neeps and tatties, along with some leeks for the soup. Fortunately we are not short in the malt department so will be enjoying a wee dram (or maybe two since it's Friday) a bit later.

    Naturally we'll be wearing our best  Scots frockery, the warmer the better! And for the haggis-hunting Henrys out there, we have this stylish vintage Drescott shooting jacket in stock.

    vintage shooting jacket

  • Chow mein gives way to haggis

    January 25, 2012

    The start of Chinese New Year has only just preceded Burns Night this year, so we are swiftly moving on from oodles of noodles to haggis with bashed neeps and tatties to celebrate the Bard's 253rd birthday. Now that's what we call a good innings!


    Burns Suppers are hosted all over Scotland and beyond on and around the 25th January. If you have never been to one, you are missing out on some wonderful entertainment, including the obligatory 'Address to a Haggis', the 'Immortal Memory' and 'To the Lassies' (with a response on behalf of said Lassies). There is frequently also a recitation of the marathon  Tam O'Shanter, traditional music and a fair few drams before singing  Auld Lang Syne and awaiting the carriages. Not forgetting, of course, the opportunity to dress up in all your finest tartan frockery for the occasion!

    tartan ball gown

  • Tartan frockery on parade as Scotland takes on Italy

    November 17, 2007

    Scotland's tartan army has taken to the streets and pubs of Glasgow today in hugely optimistic and probably over-confident anticipation of our national football team winning today’s match against world champions, Italy.

    It fair warms the cockles of this Scottish lassie’s heart to see so many saltires, kilts and tartan on parade across the land, and with St Andrew's Day approaching on 30 November, it's time to get kitted out in some fetching tartan frockery.

    The Frockery has a good selection of Scottish tartans, tweeds and knitwear in stock, so . For the ladies, how about a tartan party dress, or perhaps this vintage A-line tartan maxi skirt? If traditional tweeds are more your scene, why not check out our selection of Harris tweed items, like this Argyll kilt jacket; or you may prefer to sport a Country Life tweed hat. For sophisticated and understated elegance, however, this Austin Reed tartan skirt will be hard to beat, just like Italy!

    The Frockery wishes the Scotland team the very best of luck today (you'll need it, boys).

    Slainte mhath!