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  • New look for the Frockery

    April 9, 2013

    Some big changes are afoot at the frock face and we have a developer working behind the scenes on a complete redesign of the Frockery website.

    Having just celebrated our sixth birthday, we thought we should treat ourselves to a new look! It's all very exciting and we are hoping to relaunch the new site by May Day, providing that the project stays on schedule.

    Meanwhile, look out for updates as there may well be special offers  and some yummy colour co-ordinated cakes from the Scarlett Bakery by way of celebration. Not that we need any excuse!

    cupcakes from the scarlett bakery

  • Don't mention technology!

    February 25, 2013

    It has been a hugely frustrating and stressful weekend thanks to our website hosting company, whose servers went into some sort of meltdown and caused our website (and many others) to be inaccessible on an intermittent basis and created problems for customers trying to add items to their shopping carts. Oh, and our email stopped working too.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience, but we were powerless to do anything about it and it didn't help that our hosting company failed to update us on the reasons for the outage. We aren't thrilled about that.

    Our resident IT man was fortunately on hand to reassure the chief frocker that she hadn't broken the website and that it was a question of waiting patiently until the hosting conpany put its servers back together again, but in the meantime we are still experiencing long delays in receiving email and have no idea when the mail we have sent out will reach its intended recipients.

    If you haven't heard from us and were expecting to, or if you  need to contact us by email, please use this alternative address: frockery2[at]gmail.com.

    This morning everything seems to be working again (with the exception of email delays) and we have updated the catalogue with a selection of new items, so we are optimistic that things will soon return to normal. Hope springs eternal!

    Fortunately, this sort of thing doesn't happen often, and no service can guarantee 100% uptime, but when such a problem does occur, our blood pressure invariably goes through the roof!

    Thanks to our customers for bearing with us in the meantime.

  • Changes at the frock face

    May 13, 2011

    We have been quiet on the Frockery Talk front as we have been busy making changes to the website based on customer feedback and after taking advice from our techie frockers.

    A big thank you to all who completed our survey and to those who emailed suggestions directly. And congratulations to Hollie H, who is the winner of our £20 gift voucher draw.

    Happily, the feedback we received about our website was generally very positive and survey respondents reported a good level of user friendliness and satisfaction.

    Our regular visitors will already have noticed some changes to the site, including a slightly  different front page design and much needed improvements to our product images. Further minor changes are planned for our checkout system to simplify and speed up the process.

    Other suggestions we have yet to implement include an expansion of our children's and homeware departments which we hope to proceed with in the near future.

    Meanwhile, we are always happy to receive comments on any aspects of our service and are very grateful to our lovely customers for taking the time to let us know what they think of The Frockery.

  • A staggered approach to managing change

    July 5, 2010

    Rather than announce our new website with a full bells and whistles fanfare, The Frockery has opted for a more staggered approach. Moving from our old site was a complicated business, and not without its headaches, so we decided to work through the changes methodically (aka slowly).

    One of our latest tasks has been to integrate our blog and update bulletin into the new Frockery Talk, which has now been completed, and we promise to keep customers and visitors regularly updated with the latest news, views and offers directly from the frock face.

    There is now a more sophisticated search facility, gift vouchers, a wishlist feature and special delivery option, all of which had been helpfully suggested by customers. Although the website look is very different, it still works in the same way, so returning customers will still be able to log into their accounts and track their orders. However, if customers do not wish to register prior to making a purchase, there is no need to do so.

    Feedback so far has been very positive and encouraging. One of our lovely customers wrote: “The website looks great, well done! You have taken it to a whole new level. I love it!” Another commented: “It's really good, better than before, some nice touches.”

    As ever, we will endeavour to provide the best service we can to customers old and new. Thank you all for your continuing support.

  • We finally did it!

    July 1, 2010

    Yes, we did! We have made the move from our old website and are now running on a new platform and server with much more wardrobe space! We hope you like the new features and will bear with us while we finish ironing out some of the creases over the next week or two. Please feel free to comment, link, browse and/or buy.