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Welcome to the Frockery online boutique!

Are you looking for an authentic costume for a 60s, 70s or 80s retro themed party? Do you need to find a 40s or 50s frock for a re-enactment event or a glamorous gown for a special occasion? Would some vintage shoes and accessories complement your look? Are you an eco-friendly fashionista with a penchant for affordable and sustainable style? If so, take a browse through our virtual rails and see what takes your fancy.

Landfill fashion: what a waste

We are becoming increasingly fed up of living in a society which seems hell bent on creating ever greater mountains of unnecessary waste. From plastic bags in their billions to fast food packaging, cheap promotional items that no one wants or needs, and even shrink wrap covering for supermarket  cucumbers, we are drowning in the stuff.

Textiles waste is a particular bugbear of ours. Did you know that in the UK alone, we throw out in excess of one million tonnes of textiles every year, most of which ends up in landfill sites?

Far from being harmless holes in the ground where we can conveniently bury anything and everything we no longer want, landfill sites cause significant environmental damage. In the case of landfilled textiles, garment dyes and bleaches can cause toxic chemical seepage into the ground and water courses. As the material decomposes, the build up of methane gas presents further hazards.

Although environnmental issues have been gradually nudging their way up the political agenda, there is no evidence that our throwaway society is ready to take responsibility for its wasteful behaviour. We need a sea change in attitude and, while there is some great work being done to reduce textiles waste through reuse and recycling, the clothing industry remains awash with cheap ‘fast’ fashion which is likely to end up in landfill in a matter of months if not weeks.

So how can we as concerned individuals make a difference yet still stay stylish (and solvent!)? Well, we have put together a list of simple ‘RE’ ACTIONS  to the relentless pressures of the fast fashion industry, and we hope the following top ten tips on working towards a greener wardrobe will be useful for waste aware, eco-friendly fashionistas like ourselves.


The Frockery's Top 10 Eco-Fashion 'RE' actions

 1.   RESIST temptation. Don’t buy it if you don’t need it! Your wardrobe is probably already bulging with impulse buys, many of which you have never worn, so you know it makes sense.

2.   REJECT fast fashion outlets and cheap imports which have been transported halfway round the world, may have been produced by an exploited workforce, including child labour, in dangerous conditions, and will probably fall apart after one wash.

3.   RETHINK your buying habits. Support ethical, fair trade businesses and ‘home grown’ designers.

4.   REUSE clothing and accessories. Buy from vintage, second hand or charity shops, car boot sales and auction websites – or swap clothes with friends

5.   REDISCOVER the back of your wardrobe and the darkest corners of your attic which may well harbour some long forgotten outfits that are yearning for a new lease of life.

6.   RESTYLE your current wardrobe. Get the sewing box out, refashion a dress into a top and matching bag, add a few embellishments, chop off some sleeves, or just shorten a hemline or two.

7.   REFRESH your ‘old’ clothes by adding belts, scarves and complementary accessories for an instant style update.

8.   RECYCLE the clothing you no longer need. Drop it off at your local textile recycling bank, freecycle it, or else donate to charity.

9.   RESELL your unwanted clothes on one of the internet auction sites or, if you don’t want to do it yourself, through a local or online dress agency.

10. RESEARCH environmentally friendly fashion alternatives which combine style with sustainability. We recommend Kate Fletcher’s Lifetimes project as a great starting point for both information and inspiration.




About Us

The Frockery is a small, family-run business based in Angus, Scotland. Established in 2007, we specialise in the online sale of pre-owned, vintage and retro clothing and accessories. Many of our items are unique one-offs from bygone eras, but we also stock contemporary pre-owned quality clothing and accessories at a fraction of their original cost, along with vintage inspired and reworked pieces by selected designers.

If, like us, the sight of rail upon rail of soulless, mass produced high street clothing does nothing to inspire you; if you want to find something a bit different to make your wardrobe more interesting, but don’t have a lot of time (or money) to make it happen; or if you just want to dress for less, then The Frockery is the place for you! We source our stock from a myriad of outlets and individuals and sell exclusively online to discerning dressers throughout the UK and overseas.

At The Frockery, we believe that style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Our roots are distinctly green and we adhere to environmentally friendly business practices. Most of our stock is pre-owned and will be re-owned or recycled, our labels and stationery are made from sustainable materials, and we re-use or recycle packaging materials wherever possible.

We Frockery folk were all wearing recycled clothes long before it became socially acceptable to do so, never mind a style statement! And we have never been fans of ‘fast’ fashion – not only because it is all so uninspiring and tacky, but also for ethical and environmental reasons. Nor have we been gripped by the desire to own wardrobes full of designer labels, although we definitelyappreciate good design and quality. Being fairly far off the Chanel and Gucci radar ourselves, we wanted The Frockery to cater more for people like us who have eclectic tastes, limited budgets and predominantly green leanings.

The Frockery is founded in the belief that fashion doesn’t, literally, have to cost the earth and we aim to appeal to a growing number of ethically aware consumers, who value sustainability as much as style and who understand the need to preserve the planet’s resources and tackle over-consumption if we are to avoid environmental meltdown.

Adopting a greener way of living, working and doing business does not mean having to abandon style – but it does mean making ethical choices about what you buy, where you buy it and who you buy it from.

Meet the Frockers for an introduction to our team!

We hope you enjoy your visit to The Frockery and that you will come back soon.

Chief Frocker, trading as The Frockery